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ROXBOX Containers at Denver Startup Week 2019

For the eighth year in a row, Denver Startup Week was a massive hit with the public and the companies that took part. Everyone came away with a newfound respect for the huge growth of Denver as a startup hub for local, national and international companies. The 2019 event, which ran from Sept. 16-20, featured hundreds of different firms, some presenting their faces to the public for the first time. Here’s a quick look at the great experience RoxBox Containers had at the 2019 Denver Startup Week.


RoxBox Containers Showcased Wares at Denver Startup Week

RoxBox Containers has been re-purposing shipping cargo containers since its founding in 2017, so this was not its first trip to Denver Startup Week. Even so, the RoxBox team, including CEO and co-founder Anthony Halsch were excited to see the crowds, the huge number of other startups and the incredible atmosphere of curiosity and community.

RoxBox showed off its unique service, along with several display units, so the public and other business owners could see the potential of turning shipping containers into usable office space, living quarters and vending stands. There’s a pent-up demand for low-cost commercial and residential space and RoxBox is seeing to it that anyone can take advantage of re-purposed, modified shipping containers.

What is Denver Startup Week All About?

Since 2012, Denver Startup Week has drawn thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of public attendees to an annual, week-long exhibit of the very best that the startup community has to offer. The week has plenty of fun, education and business interaction on tap. The public gets a sneak peek at small firms that can use financial backing. Businesses can get their names and faces out into the community and take the next step toward long-term success.

What the RoxBox Team Most Enjoyed About the Event

CEO of RoxBox, Anthony Halsch, was on hand with his team for the entire week of the 2019 Denver Startup Week. Halsch pointed out that the venue is a perfect opportunity for companies like his to let the world know what they do and why their vision is unique. He said that interacting with the other business owners and thousands of visitors is the best way for him to move his company through a major fundraising session as the young startup continues to invite early investors to take part in what is sure to be a fast-growing business.

The Future is Bright for RoxBox and Denver Startup

The 2020 Denver Startup Week is already set and looks to be the biggest of all. RoxBox Containers is now a thriving concern that will soon be expanding their functional ability into the mini-housing industry. The RoxBox experience at Startup Week is what the event is all about: newer companies with vibrant, powerful ideas and products getting their name out in front of millions of potential customers.