• The CryptoCan is a 2MW UL-certified, high-performance container changing the game in the crypto mining industry
  • Built from a new 40’HC container, the unit can house 1,120 S9 ASIC Miners or 560 S17/S19 ASIC Miners (the miners are not included with the purchase of a CryptoCan)
  • Additional specs include: a plug limitation of 3,400 Watts/plug, Service Entry 3,000A Integrated Switchboard, and a robust proprietary cooling system
  • ROXBOX has the capacity to produce numerous units at scale – we produce 2/day in collaboration with our CryptoCan team
  • Designed for serious crypto mining operations utilizing a high-quality unit with maximum efficiencies
  • Easily transport the CrytpoCan anywhere in the world by sea or land and connect it to the cheapest electricity possible for the best return on investment
  • Whether a mining operation wants to house one container or one hundred, the CryptoCan offers customers the flexibility to scale at their own pace

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