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State & City Funding For Outdoor Dining Solutions

Temporary Outdoor Expansion Assistance Fund for Restaurants and Bars

RoxBox Containers in Denver Colorado introduces a new and innovative way to ensure restaurants and events can operate through the pandemic winter with shipping container outdoor patios called The PatioBox. City and State governments in Colorado are rallying around bars and restaurants in Colorado to provide funding for outdoor patio expenses due to COVID.

City of Denver Funding

As part of the CARES Act, the City and County of Denver is disbursing grants through its Temporary Outdoor Expansion Assistance Fund to support businesses that incurred costs for outside seating area expansion due to COVID-19 public health requirement restrictions.

The amounts awarded and the quantity of awards issued will be based on the number of applicants, their eligibility, program priority, and the dollar amount of costs incurred by businesses.

" We believe that this structure would qualify as an eligible expense as long as it is used to temporarily expand the seating area. That being said the applicant still has to apply and be awarded a grant based on the eligibility and priority criteria. Qualifying expenses do no guarantee that the applicant will be awarded a grant of any amount".

City of Denver

State Funding

"The State of Colorado, in partnership with the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA), Colorado Restaurant Foundation (CRF), American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado (ACEC), the American Institute of Architects Colorado (AIA) and the Associated General Contractors of Colorado (AGC) have teamed up with other design and construction professionals in an effort to encourage and support restaurants in the creation of outdoor dining spaces this winter.

We are raising funds to distribute grants to eligible restaurants towards designing and building their outdoor winter dining spaces. Funds can be used toward design, construction, applicable fees, and supplies (ex: permit fees, tents, heaters). Grants will be distributed through the Colorado Restaurant Foundation*, a 501c3 non-profit that serves as the philanthropic arm of the Colorado Restaurant Association".

Colorado Restaurant Association

The RoxBox PatioBox

PatioBox allows for a heated and rad space with circulation to allow for continued revenue through the winter even with COVID-19 restrictions. By adhering to CDPHE guidelines, we’ve created multiple different temporary outdoor patio models with heaters that will fit in innumerable spaces and allow for continued operation through winter – plus they look way cooler than a tent. These structures can ultimately be integrated into a more long-term development plan and have optional roof-top decks. 

The PatioBox comes in 4 different models with numerous upgrade options like roof-top decks:

  • X-Large  – 2×40’HC double-door containers modified & combined to create maximum space with multiple openings, lights + electrical, heaters, and 3 glass roll-up doors
  • Large – 2×40’HC containers combined w/ openings, lights + electrical, and heaters
  • Medium – 1×40’HC double-door container w/ lights + electrical and heaters
  • Small – 1×20’HC container w/ two openings, lights + electrical and heaters
RoxBox is committed to helping bars and restaurants through these tough times.

Bradley's custom shipping container kitchen at Winter Park Resort built by ROXBOX Containers.

All About Our Shipping Container Kitchens - And Why You Need One

Bradley's custom shipping container kitchen at Winter Park Resort built by ROXBOX Containers.


RoxBox Shipping Container Kitchens


RoxBox shipping container kitchens are purpose-built for take-away, drive-through, and delivery service. RoxBox purpose-built modular container manufacturing allows entrepreneurs and established businesses in the food and beverage industry to design exactly what they need for their business to be successful.

For anyone in the foodservice and restaurant industry, the kitchen is the heart of the business. You need a kitchen space that’s functional and easy-to-use, as well as ready for service, aesthetically pleasing, and built to your needs. With our commercial and commissary kitchens, you’ll get all of this and more.

They are fully customizable so you can design the perfect commercial kitchen, commissary kitchen, ghost kitchen, dark kitchen, virtual restaurant, or cloud kitchen. Container kitchens allow new businesses to get to market faster and established businesses to open new locations for a fraction of the cost of a traditional build-out.

Our shipping container kitchens are purpose-built to order and take into account our clients’ requirements, specifications, and preferences. We want them to succeed in their business and keep their guests satisfied and returning. So how do we do this, and how can you get started? Read on for more!





Features, applications, and modifications


At RoxBox Containers, our shipping container kitchens come with a variety of features, applications, and modifications designed to fit your specific needs. With our commercial kitchens, you’ll have applications for beverage and warm service, drive-through, full-service restaurants, and concessions. You’ll also have access to turnkey appliances and more land availability, given the small footprint of the kitchen.



Utility and functionality


Our shipping container kitchens are purpose built with the exact utility and functionality your kitchen requires. Our kitchens are sprayed with closed cell spray foam insulation, equipped with electric heaters, water storage, commercial lighting, electrical and plumbing, and as well as custom upgrades. Our containers are also built to local and state regulations and health codes, and they’re also easily built for ADA compliance. Our purpose built design allows you can choose the energy source you’d like to use, whether it’s on generator, grid, or clean energy solar.

When you build with us, you’ll also get a container that’s weatherproof and built to prevent theft and vandalism. Ready to deploy at just a moment’s notice, our commercial kitchens can serve hundreds of people at a time and can be easily upgraded in the future.



A sleek, pleasing aesthetic


When you build a customized commercial kitchen with us, you’re not just getting functionality. You’re also getting a state-of-the-art, sleek unit that adds to the ambiance and experience of your guests. The exterior can look like a container or regular building, with metal framing throughout, and includes stainless steel wall coverings, exterior paint, and even sign mounts for easy branding


Why you need a shipping container Kitchen


So why do you need a shipping container kitchen, and why choose us? Our commercial kitchens are crafted with purpose-built design and are secure, durable, and mobile. With one of our kitchens, you’ll have a sleek, modern look that grabs attention and gets people talking – and you can take it anywhere. Our kitchens are also super efficient for setup or take-down, allowing you to be able to set up shop in just minutes.

Not only will you have a functional, easy-to-use commercial kitchen, but you’ll also provide a memorable experience for your customers that will keep them coming back. Additionally, shipping containers are an affordable option that will yield a great return for your business and are highly adaptable to a wide variety of uses. No matter what your needs, we will be able to meet and exceed your expectations.





The RoxBox Process


At RoxBox Containers, our top priority is getting to know you, who your customers are, and what needs you have. That’s why as we start the process of developing your customized kitchen, we’ll spend time getting to know you and your client base so we can deliver the product of your dreams.

We have a 4 phase approach where we’ll work closely with you so that your vision and ideas come to life. But it doesn’t stop there, throughout the build process you’ll be able to follow along through our interactive project management software. This way, you can monitor progress and communicate easily during the entire project timeline, which usually averages two months.




Start building today


At RoxBox Containers, we have sound knowledge of building regulations and a passion for bringing our clients’ dreams to life. You can be assured that we will provide expert guidance throughout the process and will take into account all your specifications and requirements.

Ready to get started on building your commercial kitchen? Contact us today for a quote for your new customized unit.




Bradley's custom shipping container kitchen at Winter Park Resort built by ROXBOX Containers.
Bradley's custom shipping container kitchen at Winter Park Resort built by ROXBOX Containers.
Bradley's custom shipping container kitchen at Winter Park Resort built by ROXBOX Containers.
Bradley's custom shipping container kitchen at Winter Park Resort built by ROXBOX Containers.
Bradley's custom shipping container kitchen at Winter Park Resort built by ROXBOX Containers.