Bruder Design House Container Garage

A two-story multi-container two-car garage (including a gear closet, gym, music studio and rooftop deck) built in beautiful Golden, Colorado. This “shell” project brought together Bruder Design House and ROXBOX to collaborate on an incredible modular shipping container garage in a high-end neighborhood. Since the home is built into a hillside, the garage is located on the upper level and is connected to the residence via an elevated walkway. ROXBOX modified the containers in our Denver facility and delivered + installed each container shell to the project site, whereupon Bruder Design House took over and finished the interior work.


ROXBOX coordinated with the client to execute the design + build + inspections/approvals + delivery & installation.


    • (7) 20′ HC One-trip shipping containers (3 double-door units)
    • Custom-modified container doors
    • Structural steel modifications and reinforcements
    • MEP mounting plates and brackets
    • Floor-to-ceiling windows in the gym unit
    • Exterior paint
    • Garage door
    • Delivery & installation
    • Interior build out and finish work completed on-site by Bruder Design House

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