• Our modular kitchens create an innovative restaurant concept with significant ROI opportunities

  • Each custom designed concept is compliant, durable, cost-effective, and safe. While your site is being built-out, we can build your modules in our factory and deliver + install when the site is ready, leading to faster revenue generation

  • Alternatively, we can provide the modified container “shells” and allow a general contractor to finish your project on-site

  • The utilization of containers provides a faster, more sustainable, and eye-catching solution to any QSR concept

  • Adding automated drive-thru gives brands the ability to scale in ways that were previously impossible from traditional restaurant build-outs

  • Our modular kitchens are also portable, enabling location tests and possible relocations

Each QSR project is unique and we understand that you might have specific requirements and needs. Contact us below to request a quote and speak with our team of experts about your concept and vision.