Whether you are looking for a basic space to host overflow or a more refined aesthetic to greet your patients, our shipping container healthcare units can be fully customized with numerous options to fit your needs. Our healthcare units include: ICU/exam rooms, vaccine distribution, laboratories, drive-thru virus testing, treatment rooms, and more. The functionality of every unit combined with the interior and exterior aesthetics makes for a complete healthcare experience. We offer custom shipping container healthcare custom projects and shells, allowing our customers the flexibility to design a healthcare unit that perfectly fits their needs and matches their brand.


Fully customize your healthcare unit from the ground up and collaborate with our talented team of designers to bring your wildest visions to life.


ROXBOX designs and builds the container shells (framing, doors, windows, etc) and then your team completes the finish work on-site.

ROXBOX Healthcare Unit Video Tour

Join us on a 2-minute tour of the Boy Scouts' mobile medical container located on Melita Island in Flathead Lake, Montana

Explore our shipping container healthcare concepts below. Reach out to our team at the bottom of the page to get your project started!

Each healthcare project is unique and we understand that you might have specific requirements and needs. Contact us below to request a quote and speak with our team of experts about your concept and vision.