• Provide an environment that is more functional than a makeshift tent and more comfortable than a crowded waiting room with our Healthcare containers

  • Our Healthcare units include: ICU/exam rooms, vaccine distribution, laboratories, drive-thru virus testing, treatment rooms, and more

  • Whether you are looking for a basic space to host overflow or a more refined aesthetic to greet your patients, each unit can be fully customized with numerous options to fit your needs

  • Each unit functions as a compliant healthcare facility that allows communities to address healthcare capacity and access needs

  • The functionality of every unit combined with the interior and exterior aesthetics makes for a complete healthcare experience

  • Our healthcare units can be delivered turn-key or with a built-out shell whereupon the client provides their desired equipment

Each healthcare project is unique and we understand that you might have specific requirements and needs. Contact us below to request a quote and speak with our team of experts about your concept and vision.