ROXBOX has developed numerous models to help the cannabis industry. Our cannabis line provides a fast, cost-effective, socially equitable, sustainable, modular, and innovative line of modified container solutions to fulfill the emerging cannabis opportunities in the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. These turn-key and compliant modular shipping container structures allow cannabis firms the opportunity to capitalize quickly and carve out market share.

Our containerized solutions are considered a piece of equipment, and can therefore be depreciated as such. For a lower capital investment, ROXBOX’s line of cannabis models allows the cannabis industry to grow and evolve. Choose from our cannabis models or design a fully custom solution to integrate into your specific business model.


  • Low-cost solution to open a dispensary with several models to choose from – malleable to be compliant with each state’s regulations. Most models include: secure employee area, electrical, secure customer area, secure storage area. Additional options include: restroom, nicer finishes, drive-thru window, contactless & multi-lane drive-thru system, bullet-proof glass, larger storage area, solar-powered, off-grid, digital menus, and more

  • Ideal for firms looking to expand their number of locations for minimal cost, a low barrier-to-entry solution for social equity programs, or others looking to enter the cannabis industry at a low cost

  • Each model can be customized to include branding, additional containers to create a larger space, cladding/exterior accents, etc.

  • Each unit requires a minimal footprint and can be located in numerous areas that were previously inaccessible due to distancing/zoning restraints

  • Proven modality, easy to scale and replicate, time to market drastically reduced versus building out a brick and mortar space


  • Consumption has been billed as a huge untapped market within the cannabis industry

  • Added to a traditional dispensary, the lounge becomes an area for customers to sample product (tasting flight), engage with more products, create more customer experiences,  and transform dispensaries into community hubs similar to a brewery with a bar

  • Lounges can also be integrated into other business models to create a more cohesive customer experience. Restaurants can offer a consumption space, venues can offer a “weed garden”, and communities can ensure adult cannabis consumption is allocated to a compliant and safe space

  • For the cannabis research segment, our lounges transform into scientific areas that allow for compliant research to study the efficacy and impacts of cannabis consumption with the ability to observe, integrate analysis, and collect transformative data


  • An emerging opportunity to combine a dispensary and consumption space

  • Sell smaller amounts at higher margins in high-traffic locations i.e. joints outside a venue

  • Few states are allowing this solution but we anticipate more and more over the next one to three years will adopt this business model

  • Similar to the alcohol industry, cannabis bars will emerge as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide products for customers to consume at a higher profit margin than dispensaries

  • As with all our models, the cannabis bars are completely customizable, compliant, and comparatively low-cost

Each cannabis project is unique and we understand that you might have specific requirements and needs. Contact us below to request a quote and speak with our team of experts about your concept and vision.