ROXBOX Residential builds shipping container homes that are durable, eye-catching, functional and sustainable. We offer our LuxBox ADU model and custom shells for individual home buyers or we will work with developers to produce container house units at scale. In the coming months we will be introducing our other luxury modular container homes in collaboration with our partners at Box & Boulder. Stay tuned!




Please read the information below that corresponds to your pathway before contacting us about your concept. Thank you!

Individual Container Home Buyers

Please note that at this time ROXBOX is not accepting any custom residential projects for individual shipping container house buyers other than the limited “shell” pathway/scope highlighted below. Individual container home buyers should therefore check out our container home models at the bottom of the page (more models coming soon)!

*As of now, ROXBOX container homes are only available for purchase in Colorado and California.

Shipping Container Home Developers

Please contact us if you are a developer looking to design and build multiple residential shipping container houses – we have several modular container home designs from a single 40′ ADU to a 3,000 sqft. luxury home. ROXBOX will work with your team to develop a custom container home design if you are looking to build a minimum of 5 units.

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Luxury Container Home Living

Getting Started with a Shipping Container Home is Simple

The demand for attainable housing has never been greater and we want to do our part to help maximize residential sustainable development. We therefore have partnered with our friends at Box & Boulder to develop models that showcase the luxury possibilities of shipping container homes. The ROI of our container homes can be quantified in months while adding substantial value to your property. Our shipping container houses for sale are perfect for rentals and investment properties – truly wow your guests with a home unlike anything they have ever stayed in.

We offer three pathways to choose from: Models, Custom Projects, and Shells. Explore our offerings and capabilities below and reach out to us at any point to get your project started!

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Modular Container Home Models

Select from our offering of luxury modular container homes found at the bottom of this page (New models coming soon... stay tuned!)

Container House Shells

ROXBOX designs and builds the container home's shell (framing, doors, windows, etc) and then a general contractor completes the finish work on-site.

Custom Shipping Container Homes

Developers only! ROXBOX will work with your team to develop a custom container home design if you are looking to build a minimum of 5 units.

Why work with ROXBOX Residential?

Luxury Living

High-end models that showcase the luxury possibilities of shipping container homes

Multiple Use Cases

Turnkey solutions for ADUs, permanent homes, vacation rentals, vacation homes, mother-in-law suites, cabins, tiny homes, affordable housing, etc.

Quick Project Timeline

Designed, built, and delivered in 6 to 8 months

Scalable Production

Scale production to meet your current needs, timeframe, and growth plan

Quick ROI

High ROI due to a quick production timeframe and high market demand


Built from an upcycled shipping container and sustainably sourced materials

Container Home Models

New models coming soon!



$147,000 for a turnkey unit
+$45,000 for rooftop, stairs & exterior decks (optional)

*Pre-construction costs additional – ROXBOX highly recommends investing in the required engineering and approvals for your location. If you choose to not get the necessary permits and approvals, ROXBOX is not liable for any issues that may arise (and you understand the risks associated with that decision). While permits and approvals take time and cost money, they ensure you will have a legal structure on your property (otherwise you might end up with a very expensive and heavy paperweight when the local authorities do not approve the structure after inspections).


The LuxBox is a high-end ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit, aka a “tiny home”) utilizing a 40′ High-Cube one-trip shipping container with high-end finishes. This efficient container home is designed to adhere to modular building codes in all States and is offered as a turn-key unit highlighting real sustainable development. Built in our Houston, Texas facility, the LuxBox is a perfect turnkey solution for permanent homes, vacation rentals, vacation homes, mother-in-law suites, cabins, glamping resorts, attainable housing, etc. With financing options available, you can immediately derive significant short-term rental revenue by offering a unique and elevated experience for guests.

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  • 40’HC One-trip shipping container
  • One (1) bedroom that fits a queen bed
  • Full bathroom with shower
  • Washer and dryer
  • Living room
  • Full kitchen with high-end appliances and cabinets
  • Unique windows and doors including 2 sliding glass doors
  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Demising walls
  • Framing, insulation, flooring, lighting, finished walls, electrical and plumbing
  • Optional exterior decks and/or rooftop deck with stairs
  • Optional exterior cladding on all or part of the unit




Custom Residential Projects

Custom Projects

ROXBOX will work with developers to design & build custom container home projects. If you are inquiring about a custom project, please contact our team at the button below!

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There is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about the time and cost that goes into building a legal shipping container home. Don’t believe us? Check out this very informative (and factual) video from our friend Ben who built a beautiful container home in Joshua Tree, California.

Each residential project is unique and we understand that you might have specific requirements and needs. Whether you are a developer or an individual home buyer, we would love to learn more about your residential project. Contact us below to request a quote and speak with our team of experts about your concept and vision.

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We're here to help you bring your concept to life! If you can help us by providing a bit of information about your project, we can point you in the right direction and get you a more accurate quote. The more information you provide about your concept and vision, the more accurate of a quote we can provide.