20’ Grocery Last-Mile Delivery Container

Built out of a 20′ shipping container, this mobile grocery unit will be used to store food & beverage products for a last-mile delivery company based out of Miami, Florida. With two onboard water tanks (clean water and grey water) and a 100 amp plug, the client can move the unit to the most optimal locations closest to their customers for the fastest possible delivery service. Washable floors, walls, and ceilings allow the unit to be easily cleaned in order to meet local health codes.


ROXBOX coordinated with the client to execute design + inspections/approvals + build + delivery of a turn-key custom unit.


    • 20′ High-cube new shipping container 
    • Standard personnel door
    • Framing w/ spray foam insulation
    • Finished walls & ceiling
    • HVAC
    • Electrical with lights & IT system
    • Hand sink and mop sink
    • Plumbing w/ tanks and bump-out to house tanks
    • Exterior Paint
    • Coin tile flooring
    • Equipment: merchandiser refrigerators, freezers, food racks, etc.

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