Solar-Powered Ground-Level Office


The project consists of two 40′ shipping containers combined to create a large office/conference space for a large commercial development in Aurora, Colorado. The office is 100% solar-powered with trackable data, which aligns with the developer’s focus on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. Unlike a standard office trailer, this project has high-quality interior finishes and a luxury aesthetic that matches the client’s brand & image. This project is designed to be mobile, allowing the developer to move the unit/s as they continue to develop their massive site. A rooftop deck also allows the team to survey the site from above and wow guests & clients with expansive views of the development. We also supplied the client with a branded 20’ storage container.


ROXBOX collaborated with the client to execute the design + build + inspections/approvals + delivery + on-site install


    • (2) 40’ HC one-trip shipping containers combined to create a 16’ x 40’ space
    • Site work and foundation design
    • Solar system with batteries, arrays, etc.
    • Rooftop deck with stairs
    • Two glass entry doors with roll-up security shutters
    • Framing, insulation, and finished walls
    • Interior finishes
    • Hardwood flooring
    • Custom cabinetry
    • Custom signage
    • Interior & exterior paint
    • Electrical system with lights
    • HVAC system
    • Backup generator
    • Additional 20′ branded and painted storage container

For more information, visit our shipping container Office page.