Our last-mile delivery shipping container units offer an innovative, scalable, and cost-effective solution to get ahead of the competition in the rapidly growing last-mile delivery industry. From grocery and retail to mail and healthcare, our last-mile delivery containers can be upgraded with virtually any customization you need to fit your industry and needs. Typically, we work with clients in this space to develop a model (layout, branding/aesthetic, etc.) that we can build at scale in our manufacturing facilities across the country.


Fully customize your LMD concept from the ground up and collaborate with our talented team of designers to bring your wildest visions to life.

ROXBOX Containers Last Mile Delivery Shipping Container


ROXBOX designs and builds the container shells (framing, doors, windows, etc) and then your team completes the finish work on-site.

Explore our last-mile delivery shipping container concepts below. Reach out to our team at the bottom of the page to get your project started!

Each last-mile delivery project is unique and we understand that you might have specific requirements and needs. Contact us below to request a quote and speak with our team of experts about your concept and vision.