HELIOS is our line of off-grid, solar infrastructure containers. Our HELIOS units provide rapidly deployable solutions to the issues of energy, refrigeration, medical storage, and cold supply chain. Our products offer a reliable replacement for diesel generators & diesel reefer containers, therefore reducing emissions and allowing individuals, businesses, and communities to save significantly on fuel and operating costs.







  • 20' & 40' Refrigerators
  • 20' & 40' Freezers
  • 20' & 40' Ice Makers
  • 20' & 40' Solar Generators


  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Disaster Relief
  • Infrastructure
  • Events
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Cold Chain


  • Cold Storage
  • Vaccine Distribution
  • Site Power
  • Food Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • Off-Grid Ecosystems
  • Morgues
  • Rural Infrastructure



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The HELIOS line by ROXBOX offers a range of solar-powered refrigerators and freezers designed for rapid and easy deployment. Each mobile refrigerator and freezer is 100% solar-powered with an integrated battery and energy management system requiring no fuel, generator, or grid connection, therefore giving you the reassurance of knowing you have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Our solar-powered refrigerators and freezers offer a greener, cleaner, and quieter mobile chilling solution with no ongoing operating costs vs. antiquated, expensive, and dirty diesel-powered alternatives.

Each solar mobile refrigerator and freezer unit is transportable (by road, rail, and/or sea), securable, and can be fully customized to your specific needs, including hybrid and microgrid-compatible solutions. Remote operation and monitoring are also available, right down to alerts of a door being left open, temperature monitoring, carbon savings, etc. Real-time performance monitoring and analytics are also available, providing reporting up the lines of your organization to give insights into carbon emissions, cost savings, and uptime.

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  • 100% Solar-Powered
  • 20ft or 40ft High Cube Shipping Container
  • 24/7 operation with no external inputs
  • Suitable for transport via road, rail, and sea
  • Refrigerator Temperature = +35°F to +55°F internal operating range
  • 32°F to 125°F external environment operating range
  • Strip curtains
  • Push button operating and local display
  • Personal alarm and emergency escape
  • Sliding door cool room access
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • 10-year batteries and inverter warranty
  • 20-year PV module warranty
  • Real-time and historical performance online portal
  • Double-door cool room access
  • Dual-zone control
  • External power source connection point
  • Custom paint and branding

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Key Benefits of Our HELIOS Refrigerators & Freezers:
  • Renewable Cooling Anytime, Anywhere
    The integrated rapid deploying solar array and battery energy management system provides free and reliable power to keep your unit cold anywhere, anytime
  • Operation 24/7, 365
    The onboard renewable energy system is sized to provide guaranteed operation 24/7, 365, without requiring any outside power source.
  • Cost Savings
    Our solar-powered mobile refrigerators provide organizations with a zero-running cost solution. The total cost of ownership is 50% less when compared to diesel-powered alternatives.
  • Carbon Emission Reductions
    Solar-powered refrigerators and freezers provide 100% C02 and other toxic emission savings compared to diesel-powered alternatives, helping organizations achieve their net zero goals and helping our environment.
  • Continuous Improvement
    The energy usage patterns of our solar-powered refrigerators and freezers are continuously recorded and analyzed to help organizations make better decisions about the use of their unit and stored product quality.
  • Monitoring and Analytics
    Data is collected in real-time allowing organizations to report savings and contributions in order to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and assess utilization & storage condition monitoring.
  • Proven
    Our solar-powered refrigerators and freezers are currently deployed all over the world, from the Australian outback to the snowy streets of downtown Denver, and have provided non-stop operation throughout 3 continents since 2016.
  • No Utility Involvement
    Our mobile solar-powered refrigerators and freezers are classified as an appliance that require no input or approval from power companies and run 100% off-grid in remote locations (or using grid power if operating in hybrid mode).
  • Aligned Reporting
    Our solar-powered, mobile refrigerators and freezers are aligned with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Cooling/Energy/Cost Security
    With the price of energy always rising, the purchase cost of solar panels continues to fall and the sun provides free energy every day. Control rising costs and avoid diesel fuel increases hurting your bottom line.
Use-Cases/Industry Deployment:
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture
    Our solar mobile refrigerators and freezers are the perfect off-grid, remote refrigeration solution for agricultural & aquacultural cold storage (for post-harvest cooling, please contact our team)
  • Commercial Cold Storage Organizations
    Especially those operating in remote areas requiring solar-powered cold-storage solutions
  • Event Organizers
    Wanting an environmentally friendly cold storage option for a suburban or rural event that doesn’t require grid power
  • Aid & Development Agencies
    Needing to build cooling infrastructure within marginalized communities (zero emission, low operating cost burden, income-generating asset)
  • Government organizations
    Remote communities that require cold storage can benefit significantly from solar-powered refrigerators and freezers
  • Defense Organizations
    Mobile, solar-powered refrigerations and freezers can be rapidly deployed and fully operational in remote locations providing a tremendous advantage and operational security
  • First Responders
    For those caught in an environmental or humanitarian disaster seeking immediate deployable mobile, off-grid cold storage


Container Size20ft or 40ft High Cube Shipping Container
Cooling PerformanceNon-stop (24/7, 365)
Cooler temperatureRefrigerator = +35°F to +55°F (+2°C to +12°C) non-stop
Cooling ControlDigital Display/Push Button
Power SourceOnboard rapid deploying solar array & integrated Battery & Energy Management System (BEMS)
Solar Array SpecsTier 1 PV modules with 20 year warranty
Array TiltFlat to 10°
Max Wind Speed Before Array Storage60 mph
Battery TechnologyLithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO 4), 10 year warranty
Battery Lifetime10+ years
Internal Cooler Dimensions20ft Fridge/Freezer = 16'9"(l) x 6'10"(w) x 7'3"(h)
Dimensions for Transport20ft Fridge/Freezer = 20'1"(l) x 8'0"(w) x 9'6"(h)
Dimensions when Delployed20ft Fridge/Freezer = 20'1"m(l) x 23'7"(w) x 9'6"(h)
Total Weight20' Fridge/Freezer = 6 tons
Set Up/Pack Up Time1 person, 15 minutes
External Environment Operating Range32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Refrigerant TypeR134a or R1234yf
DefrostAutomatic/Off Cycle
Real-Time & Historical Performance DataYes (via wifi, 4/5g, or satellite)
Additional Power SourceNot Required


Our HELIOS Refrigerators and Freezers can be transported anywhere in the world via road, rail, and sea. Once on-site, the solar panels can be deployed by a single person within 15 mins. There are no special tools or training required to operate, set up, and/or tear down the unit. Each HELIOS Refrigerator unit features a broad operating temperature range of +35°F to +55°F (+2°C to +15°C), making it an ideal option for warmer climates. Energy usage patterns of your solar-powered refrigerator/freezer are logged and analyzed 24/7, giving your team the ability to report your savings and contributions up the line in real-time.

Energy consumption is considered the largest source of human-caused greenhouse gas production and the cold chain is the 3rd largest consumer of power in the world. Therefore, choosing an industrial solar-powered refrigerator or freezer means you are immediately reducing your carbon emissions and making a significant reduction to your environmental footprint.

There are significant cost savings by choosing our HELIOS refrigerators and freezers over a diesel alternative, and an increasing number of organizations are seeking more environmentally friendly powered solutions for their cold chain needs.

Our HELIOS Refrigerator & Freezer options are designed to be used across a range of industries including mining, logistics, defense, government, agriculture, aquaculture, and commercial organizations. 

They can also be used by first responders seeking low-maintenance, emergency preservation solutions, aid and development agencies looking for long-term, cost-effective cold chain options that can be rapidly deployed, as well as event organizers seeking a practical, economical, and environmentally friendly refrigeration alternative to traditional grid power.

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