In order for your structure to be deemed legal, you must complete all building inspections and ensure the structure is built to code. If you do not do this you are at risk of not being able to legally operate, being sued or jailed if someone is injured in the structure, and/or being ordered to remove the structure from your property all together.
Our team fully understands that this is the most difficult, nuanced, challenging, and frustrating component of any project. Therefore, we take charge of this process to ensure a stress-free experience and peace of mind once your project is complete.


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ROXBOX is a Houston and Denver-based industry leader in shipping container & steel frame modular solutions. With decades of experience, ROXBOX has become the subject matter expert in developing creative solutions for the nation’s modular needs. Through a customer-centric product development process, innovative design, obsessive engineering, and a focus on sustainability, ROXBOX provides premium solutions for our clients in the Commercial, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Solar, Events, Government, and Residential industries. Meet the team and learn more about ROXBOX at the link below!

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ROXBOX Containers 20' HELIOS Solar shipping container refrigeration unit.





The Roadie Pro takes the base model Roadie and amplifies your brand and experience to new heights… literally with the addition of a rooftop deck. Our most common model for experiential marketing units (built for clients like Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Nokian Tyres), the Roadie Pro is a unit designed to turn heads and ensure guests leave an event remembering your brand. With the ease of transport, deployment, and set-up/break-down, your operating costs at events are greatly reduced while you get to flex all over flimsy pop-up tents. Don’t get left in the dust with another basic marketing setup… The Roadie Pro will be the focal point anywhere it goes and will generate a tremendous amount of impressions and social media traffic.

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  • 20’ST Shipping Container
  • Large fold-down deck with railings & stairs
  • Small fold-down deck with railings & stairs
  • Rooftop deck with fold-down railings & adjustastairs
  • Custom trailer (bumper-pull or gooseneck)
  • Employee door
  • Electrical package with lights
  • Interior paint – any color
  • Exterior paint – any color
  • Rubber flooring
  • Black stage skirt
  • Fixed rooftop staircase
  • Signage and branding
  • Custom paint/mural
  • Solar-powered
  • Interchangeable SEG signage
  • Stage skirt (customizable)
  • Sounds system
  • Lights
  • Shelving, TVs, cabinets, interior build-out