Is a Personal Oasis Just a Fantasy?

Have you ever fantasized about waking up to a personal oasis? Have you ever felt as if you deserved daily vacations? It’s easy to believe that such ideas are irrational. Let’s be honest…To walk outside of your home each day to your own oasis takes a healthy sense of gratitude and creativity. Or does it? Both ideas are in closer reach with the presence of a shipping container pool. Consider it a step towards living the dream.

Get Ready for Relaxation!

A shipping container swimming pool is a pool that can be constructed in multiple dimensions. Typically, pools can be assembled in standard lengths and depths. To accommodate unique requests, the desired pool can be built in various sizes. A few dimensions that it may be constructed into include, a 6 meters by 40 ft container or a 12 meters by 40 ft container. These pools can hold 4800 gallons of water. The unique pool can lead to numerous moments of peace and tranquility. It sounds like an oasis to me.

Endless Sizing Options

A container pool is more than just a tank of water placed above or below ground. It is not just a simplified copy of a traditional swimming pool. Rather, it is a highly customizable and specialized pool system that comes in various widths and depths. It is associated with large volumes of confined water and can be strategically placed both above and embedded in the ground. Placing a shipping container pool above ground is often seen. Though the differences are clear, it is still appropriate to relate such a system to the Traditional pool. But, you might want to prepare to be completely amazed!

Putting it all into Comparison

I never thought that I would want a home with a swimming pool. I assumed that pools were made for beautiful fall leaves to clog up the drains and for annoying mosquitos to have a target site to swarm around. Then, I realized that I would gladly, or somewhat gladly, go through all of that if and only if I could transfer my pool with me to any suitable location. 

It might be the best choice of pool styles for those who wish to relocate their upgraded pool to designated homes!

By placing the pool above ground, one can then decide to transfer it to various locations. As one may imagine, the pool is often transferred with the aid of a professional who is familiar with the proper use of a crane. Transferring the pool with a crane is clever for both safety and ease. I guess you can say that the “Shipping” Pool container lives up to its name!

An Oldie but….a Goodie?

A Traditional pool and the Shipping container pool may be used as tools for swimming and relaxation. Both can hold large amounts of water within a confined area and can be customized with various depths and associated dimensions. 

Though the similarities between a Traditional pool and a Container pool are numerous, there are indeed significant factors that separate the two.

  • Traditional pool is commonly embedded in the ground
  • Traditional pool commonly has a separate stand-alone hot tub
  • often Traditional pool is NOT TRANSFERABLE

On the other hand

  • Shipping container pool is often above the ground
  • Container pool has a customizable hot tub within the pool
  • Often, Shipping container pool IS TRANSFERABLE!!

Though the shipping container pool holds much value and flexibility, the traditional pool might be the pool option for those who may not want to upgrade their aquatic dreams. Bummer!!

Bringing All the Parts Together

Many parts come together to make up the whole container pool. Such parts are both blatantly obvious, while others are purposely discrete. Along with the sturdy presentation of the arranged parts, each specific item serves both a unique and undoubtedly necessary purpose. 

Secure Stairway to Promote Child Safety

Many people may find it relaxing to hear the sound of playful laughter and cheers while entertaining others. Many people may enjoy the presence of the company for additional comfort and socialization. Without an ounce of hesitation, I am one of those people. With this in mind, the idea of inviting close family and friends to my place of residence for an eventful day of swimming in my future pool fits right in with my dreams of creating an oasis. Also, with this in mind, safety is a must-have for such a get-together. As family and friends gather around a pool, both they and I can be reassured that safety was at the forefront of the Shipping container pool development. For instance, there is a strategically placed stairway within the pool for both entrance and exit from it. 

Polyurethane Coating for Protection from Corrosion

Each pool is constructed with doors that are suitable to withstand the test of time. As the pool may be consistently exposed to water and heat, proper construction with durable material is necessary. Thankfully, that is exactly what the Shipping container pool is made of. The durably created material incorporated into the making this item includes, but it not limited to, polyurethane. The incorporated polyurethane is used as a coating to protect the pool from corrosion. The process of corrosion is probable in scenarios in which metal is in contact with liquid. The process of corrosion forms rust, which is seen as the infamous red-orange coating of metals. It’s easy to say that the corrosion of metals was a likely concern for the engineers of the container. Thankfully the use of polyurethane was utilized as a protective barrier against the process of corrosion. 

Filtration Pool Pump & Skimmer box

As previously mentioned, the dread of having to tackle a pool full of fall leaves and summer mosquitoes was amongst my greatest dreads of owning a pool. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would have a change of mind. The reasoning behind the filtration pump and skimmer box found in the pool was just what I needed. These items may have been intelligently designed for the sole idea to make life a little easier. With the filtration pool pump and the skimmer box, debris, such as twigs from trees and accompanied leaves, can be separated from the liquid content of the pool. Such a feature might allow for easier cleanup and sanitation. The faster you can rid the container pool of unwanted debris, the faster you may be able to return to your state of basking in your chosen form of an oasis. 

Constructed with Durable Material

When told that even the best things come to an end, it is comforting to know that a Shipping container pool just might be an exception. To make such a bold statement must mean that the pool might be made out of one of the most industrialized forms of durable steel. The answer is YES! The Shipping container pool is made out of durable material to decrease the amounts of cracks found within the pool. In the occurrence of a crack in the pool, organisms and bacteria are likely to grow. For instance, the accumulation of algae has been seen to grow rapidly in pool areas unintentionally exposed to moisture, such as in an unintentionally developed surface crack. Thankfully the developers and structural engineers of the Shipping container pool may have been in agreeance with my oasis dreams when they decided to incorporate only the most efficient non-porous material for the development of the container. 

Water Heating System

In my opinion, there really is no point in calling it a “hot tub” if it doesn’t get hot. In an unforeseen twist, the Shipping container pools continue to have the ability to shock us all. In all actuality, is the fact that the pool comes with this feature shocking? With this being said, it contains a heating system that appropriately and customizable provides heat to the pool. If basking in under the sun on a breezy afternoon isn’t enough, try basking in the gently heated hot tub of a container pool on a quiet winter night. Pure oasis! At this point, is it ok to assume that it is engineered to stand up to its doubters? Maybe. Just Maybe! 

Putting on the Unique Touches

Smooth Shell Colors

The Shipping container pools do not disappoint with regard to beauty. The container is built in not only a durable fashion but also in a highly stylish manner. For instance, the inner layer, the shell, consists of durable material. When constructing pools, the material of choice is often an appropriate amount of layered fiberglass. The fiberglass serves as a smooth texture for swimmers and oasis seekers, alike. In the case of those who would like to customize the color of the fiberglass decided upon, the brief answer is YES! The fiberglass comes in many different variations of attractive colors.

Customizable LED Lighting

A Shipping container pool does not get its recognition as a luxurious item due to its convenient size alone. Rather, a pool also receives its accolades based on the fabulous features in which it entails. Such features include the ability to customize the LED lights to various colors of visual delight while the pool is in use. To say that such a feature is offered can be a great addition to my oasis-like dreams.

Temperature Regulated Spa Area

After analyzing the durability, the variations of color for the LED lighting, the variations of color for the shell and the multiple dimensions, one may work up a sweat. Have no fear!…a customizable hot tub section in the container is here! That’s right, the Shipping container pool may come with a built-in hot tub area. The built-in hot tub area is carefully designed and meant to impress. With adjustable temperature settings, the hot tub can be a needed break for those who desire to relax and soak up the sun in an appropriately heated section of the pool container. The ability to have multiple temperatures of water in a single swimming pool container is utterly remarkable. Well, what else would you expect out of an oasis?! Such a feature is great to have as it may provide instant relaxation.

With this being said…the Traditional pool might be the best pool option for those who do not see a transfer or relocation of homes in the future… BUMMER!

Choosing Personalized Swimming Pool Dimensions

The Shipping container pool can be designed to accommodate a numerous amount of size requirements. A potential owner is given much leeway in regard to the build of the pool. For instance, the owner has the option of expanding or decreasing both the width and depth of the pool. Often, dimensions of a 6 meters by 40 feet container or 12 meters by 40 feet container are requested. However, and as previously mentioned, such sizes are customizable. For instance, if a potential owner were to desire a shorter pool with a greater width, such accommodations may be able to be made. Without a doubt, the Shipping container pool is often calculated to satisfy the unique requests of potential buyers. 

I Can See it All From Here!

The deck is yet another area of the pool that provides the owner with a sense of participation in the design of the showcased piece. As the pool is created to amaze, the own adds an extra touch of personality with the choice of color and material applied to the deck. It accommodates those who want to indulge in the pool area, as well as those who want to remain dry, yet bask in awe of the oasis at hand. The deck might be the desire of those who would choose the latter. In either scenario, those who have the pleasure of being associated with the pool might be impressed by the unending opportunities found within a highly underestimated “container”.

Above Ground Shipping container pool

As previously mentioned, the pool can be placed above ground. Such an attribute might allow for greater ease in transfer, while also providing a spectacular display. Though it can be placed above ground, it cannot be placed over just any surface. To expand on this statement, the potential buyer must be aware of the thought processes that go into the placement of such a remarkable item.

The following steps are often incorporated in the process of installing an ABOVE GROUND Shipping container pool

  • Select desired pool location
  • Analyze ground for appropriateness of soil
  • Construct concrete slab with appropriate dimensions (slightly bigger than final container pool size)
  • Utilize a crane to deliver and place your swimming pool above ground
  • Just add water, of course!

The goal of having an oasis in one’s backyard is to promote relaxation. Heavy Lifting for Installation? Sorry, I’ve Never Heard of It! With this being said, the process of installing a container pool was created to be an adventure that doesn’t require the owner to lift even a single finger. 

Further Explanation of Installation:

The ground surface must first be cleared and appropriately leveled prior to placement of the above-ground pool. Often, a solid concrete slab is placed above the soil of the selected placement site. If the soil condition itself is judged as being too porous, additional consultation from a local engineer for continued analysis is encouraged. Though consulting a professionally trained engineer in regard to the placement of the pool may seem like a tedious step towards relaxation, such a requirement might better promote the longevity of the pool. Proper alignment may also ensure the sustained ability to contain large amounts of water within the pool. 

The proper alignment of the pool might enable users to feel as though they’re on a true vacation, right from one’s backyard!

Utilizing a Crane

After the placement site of the pool has been agreed upon, the heavy (literally) part begins. This next step is so heavy, that a crane is needed. It will be delivered to the buyer as a completely built product with all parts already assembled. Unless you can lift a container pool that weighs over 5,000 pounds, the use of a crane is recommended for placement above the prepared concrete slab. 

Embedding a container pool

Many, but not all owners of container pools have the desire for the pool to be above ground. This might be due to the ease of transfer and installation. However, each owner has a unique outlook on what an oasis is to be. With this being said, a select few desire to have a pool that is embedded into to ground. Such a vision requires similar installation steps and is mixed with additional creativity.

  • Select the desired location
  • Analyze ground for appropriateness of soil
  • Obtain appropriate machinery to create a hole in the soil
  • Obtain appropriate machinery (crane) to place the specially formed container in a created location
  • Just add water and enjoy!
Time to Kick Back, Relax, and last but not least, Enjoy the Oasis!

The Shipping container pool is the delight of many homeowners. It’s also the delight of guests invited to enjoy. Being able to walk out of the back door and into an oasis is more than exciting. Such a dream is thought to be a delusional wish. Such inspiration is thought to be a sign of irrationality. But wait! It has changed the outlook on what a backyard paradise can be. The idea of having a personal, safe, heated, and color-coordinated pool in one’s backyard is no longer just a dream. It can now be a reality. An oasis, a refuge and a place of relaxation can be even closer than “right around the corner”. Don’t be silly. Why go around the corner when you can just go to your own backyard?!