Project Spotlight: Aspen Grove Center 20’ Container Bar (BeerCan Heavy)

Project Background

Aspen Grove Center, a popular outdoor mall outside Denver Colorado, approached ROXBOX with the goal of building a modular shipping container bar for their brand new beer garden. Enter the “BarBox”! Built out of a 20’ upcycled shipping container, this beautiful BeerCan Heavy serves as the centerpiece to Aspen Grove’s beer garden “The BarBox Garden” and is run by one of Colorado’s most iconic breweries, Breckenridge Brewery. With three service windows, a 10-tap draft system, and a walk-in cooler that can hold upwards of 20 kegs, the BarBox will be cranking out drinks all year long to beer garden guests. With a three-tone paint job, custom vinyl wrapping, and an Edison bulb-lit “BarBox” sign on top, the BarBox is truly a unique modular amenity to the complex that catches the attention of all patrons (and has become a popular feature on social media).

The mobile/temporary classified BarBox serves as a shining example of the benefits of choosing a ROXBOX product. With a faster turnaround time and cheaper price tag than a custom bar design, the BeerCan Heavy is one of our most popular shipping container bars and one of the fastest products we can build. With multiple revenue-generating windows and a built-in walk-in cooler, the modular BeerCan Heavy is designed to crank out drinks fast. Efficient, strong ROI, durable and eye-catching – this turnkey shipping container bar generates tons of revenue and is always the talk of the town. You can learn more about the BeerCan Heavy and our other modified modular shipping container products here (ROXBOX Product Menu).

Specs & Modifications

Project specs and modifications include:

  • 20′ ST – New / One Trip shipping container
  • 7’W x 7’L Walk-in cooler w/ Trusscore walls & ceiling and diamond plate floor
  • Standard personnel door
  • (3) Awning windows
  • (3) Interior fixed stainless steel countertops
  • (3) Exterior collapsible stainless steel counters w/ LEDs
  • Basic electrical with: 2 cage lights in service area, vapor tight light in walk-in cooler, outlets & a 50A panel w/ SO cord
  • 10-tap draft system
  • Reclaimed wood tap wall
  • Epoxy floor in the 8’ x 12’ service area
  • Interior service area painted burnt orange and off-white
  • Exterior painted sky blue & white
  • Custom vinyl graphic & signage
  • Mounted TV, heater, and fans
  • Exterior signage, speakers, beer gas cage, and sconces
  • Self-contained hand-washing sink and merchandiser refrigerator in the service area


The 20’ BeerCan Heavy can be found at Aspen Grove Center in Littleton, Colorado. Aspen Grove is an outdoor mall with mountain views and is home to over 50 retail stores. The container bar can be found at the shopping complex’s brand new BarBox Beer Garden. With over an acre of grass and tons of parking, the beer garden is perfect for events, festivals, parties, concerts and hangouts with friends and family!


Click here to review ROXBOX’s Four-Step Phase Process

Since the Aspen Grove team chose a standard, predesigned ROXBOX product (while also including add-ons that made the unit their own and match the Breckenridge Brewing aesthetic), we were able to move through all of re-construction Phase 1 (Design & Planning) + Phase 2 (Construction Documents) within weeks. Phase 3 (Construction & Production) of this BeerCan Heavy unit took just under 5 weeks. Since Aspen Grove Center is just down the road from ROXBOX’s facility in Denver, Phase 4 (Delivery and Installation) only took a few hours. Aspen Grove was then able to immediately open the beer garden that week and begin capturing revenue!

Client Testimonial

Josh Kalkhorst – General Manager at Gerrity Group

This journey with ROXBOX, from the day we met Davin at the shop to see the facility to the day our container bar was dropped, was really impressive. They helped us define our vision for this container and then brought it to life in ways we couldn’t have expected. Their excitement and enthusiasm for our project was next level and that’s what made this partnership and our experience so much fun!”

Project Development

Phase 1 (Design & Planning) + Phase 2 (Construction Documents)
Early on design with rooftop deck
Final design
Phase 3 (Construction + Production) of the BeerCan Heavy in ROXBOX's Denver facility
Phase 4 (Delivery + Installation)
Finished build on site
(Vinyl wrapping, signage, and branding were added on site)
Before and After slider
Video tours of the unit from ROXBOX's social media accounts

Next time you’re in Denver, make sure to stop by Aspen Grove Center in Littleton, Colorado to check out this BeerCan Heavy for yourself! If you are interested to learn more about the Aspen Grove BeerCan or any of our other container modification projects, click here to contact our team or visit our website (

Project Spotlight: Coca-Cola Mobile BoomBox

Project Background

The Coca-Cola BoomBox was one of our coolest projects to date and we could not have been happier with how it turned out! The entire ROXBOX team came together to design & build this incredible shipping container marketing unit extremely fast without compromising our high-quality standards.

Coca-Cola approached us with a blank slate and told us to do what we do best, create an exciting and innovative mobile experiential marketing activation out of a 20’ shipping container that they could tour throughout the country. The only criteria we were given for this mobile container marketing unit were to make sure the project would have a focus on music & sustainability and offer guests an interactive experience. With this direction, the fun part began. After multiple brainstorming sessions with the ROXBOX team, we created a conceptual design for a solar-powered mobile boombox and presented it to the Coke team…

Enter the Coca-Cola BoomBox! This giant solar-powered boombox is built out of an upcycled 20′ shipping container and transforms into an interactive marketing experience at each location it stops. The underlying concept of the project focuses on bringing music to different communities and events, all while giving people the opportunity to learn how to DJ on high-end DJ equipment and highlighting the central Coca-Cola ethos of sustainability.

Key features of the BoomBox include: an interactive DJ experience where guests can learn to DJ, sound-activated LEDs, speakers that bump, a VIP rooftop deck, interchangeable graphics for different Coca-Cola brands and marketing initiatives, and the ability to easily open up and close down at each event (this unit is a true transformer)!

The BoomBox brings the party and is the focal point wherever it goes… And since it’s fully solar-powered, it can go anywhere!

Specs & Modifications

  • 20′ One-trip shipping container
  • Roof-top deck with collapsible railings
  • Custom 3D boom box elements: speakers, light-up equalizer, buttons, and a custom vinyl wrap
  • Sound-activated LED lights
  • Interactive DJ experience with DJ booth and high-end DJ equipment
  • Numerous speakers and subs
  • “Selfie room” with custom neon signs & green walls
  • Interchangeable SEG graphics allow for different brands to “skin”/brand the unit
  • Custom stairs and flooring
  • Lighting, electrical, solar, and actuator systems – all with redundancies
  • Interior and exterior black paint
  • Removable railings, stairs, and walls
  • Mechanical room w/ employee door
  • (2) Awnings on actuators with solar-panels
  • (2) fold-down decks
  • 100% solar-powered with six (6) solar panels
  • (3) massive batteries (the unit can run for an entire day on a full charge without the sun)
  • Custom trailer that makes the unit easily moveable


Fortunately, the first couple stops for the BoomBox were right in our backyard for some incredible concerts at one of the world’s most iconic music venues – Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre.

Currently, the BoomBox can be found traveling the country on the Coca-Cola BoomBox Tour, where it will stop at events, concerts, festivals, parties, and sporting events along the way. The BoomBox’s first tour will be a full west coast tour, making appearances in Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Be sure to check out the hashtag #cocacolaboomboxtour on all social media platforms to see where the unit currently is and where it is headed. Who knows, maybe it will pop up in your hometown next!

In regards to where the BoomBox is able to operate, the answer is simple… anywhere! Since the unit is fully solar-powered, there are no limitations to where the BoomBox can go.

Coca-Cola BoomBox at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado


The timeline on this project was VERY aggressive. We spent about a month in pre-construction refining the design with the Coca-Cola team and creating detailed shop drawings. We only had ~7 weeks to build the unit (along with numerous other projects we had in production) in order to have it ready for multiple dates at Red Rocks and the start of the 2022 BoomBox Tour.

The ROXBOX team really came together to build this incredible shipping container experiential marketing unit in record time!

Project Development

Coca-Cola BoomBox conceptual renderings
Work in progress photos of the Coca-Cola BoomBox in ROXBOX's Denver facility
Completed project photos

If you are interested to learn more about the Coca-Cola BoomBox or any of our other container modification projects, please click here to contact our team. 

Price Development Group custom shipping container patio bar built by ROXBOX Containers.

Project Spotlight: Price Development Group Custom Container Patio Bar

Project Background

Our “Rat Rod” custom shipping container patio bar for Price Development Group (PDG) was an exciting and unique project for our team and showcases the possibilities for a container amenity at a residential or commercial development. PDG is a privately owned real estate company that specializes in acquisition and development opportunities with an emphasis on residential, retail and mixed-use projects. PDG approached our team to help create a functional, durable and eye-catching patio bar for the open-air beer garden at their new apartment complex development in downtown Denver. Enter the “Rat Rod” patio bar, a “rusted”, open-air 20’ container bar that fits perfectly into the modern, industrial aesthetic of the complex and serves as a focal point to the entire development.

We took this project from “napkin-sketch” through our four Phase Process (click here to see a detailed infographic of our Phase Process) – design and analysis in Phase 1, fully stamped and approved plans through the AHJ in Phase 2 (including ADA compliance and integration with the site development team), complete build-out at our Denver facility in Phase 3, and delivery + install on-site in Phase 4. The delivery and install of this unit was quite the task – we utilized a large crane to “fly” this unit up and over the apartment complex and into the 4th story courtyard!

Price Development Group custom shipping container patio bar built by ROXBOX Containers.

Specs & Modifications

  • 20’ high-cube double-door one-trip shipping container
  • Electric, lighting and plumbing
  • Kegerator with dual tap system
  • Back bar equipment including mini-fridge, ice-maker, and hand sink
  • Custom granite bar countertop, subway tile, and foot rails
  • Double-sided awning
  • ADA compliant space
  • Custom “rat rod” rusted finish – we utilized a special technique to activate the rusting process to the desired point, arrested the rusting process, and put a clear coat to protect and maintain the desired “Rat Rod” look forever.


The custom patio bar can be found at the PDG Design District, a 354-unit Class A multifamily development, located in Denver, Colorado. The patio bar is located on a fourth-floor open air beer garden at the complex along-side cornhole, bocci ball and other amenities for this luxury apartment building. The private beer garden is open year round, with the patio bar serving as the centerpiece of the two acre space. With free beer always on tap, an ice-machine for making drinks, and a built-in TV – this beer garden is sure to be a popular spot for residents.


PDG approached us in May of 2020 to bring this concept to their development. We spent several months in pre-construction Phases 1 & 2 to get the exact plan and design dialed in and ensure the unit met all requirements of the Denver Building Department. With approved plans and a green light to proceed from PDG, in the Fall of 2020 we modified the container in weeks and craned the unit into place partially built. Due to the design, structural modifications, and high-end finishes, we coordinated with PDG  to complete the unit on-site. As PDG finalized the development, we spent a few final days wrapping up the details on the unit, giving PDG the ability to showcase the patio bar for their Grand Opening in 2021.

Project Development

Rendering of Price Development Group's custom shipping container patio bar built by ROXBOX Containers.
Rendering of Price Development Group's custom shipping container patio bar built by ROXBOX Containers.
Price Development Group custom shipping container patio bar built by ROXBOX Containers.
Finished “Rat Rod” container patio bar for PDG’s Design District apartment complex in Denver, CO.
Price Development Group custom shipping container patio bar built by ROXBOX Containers.
Back view of finished “Rat Rod” container patio bar for PDG’s Design District apartment complex in Denver, CO.

If you are interested in learning more about the PDG patio bar, our bar & taproom line of shipping containers modifications, or any of our other products and builds, click here to contact our team.

:eft Hand Brewing Company custom shipping container bar built by ROXBOX Containers.

Project Spotlight: Left Hand Brewing Company 40’ Custom Container Bar

Project Background

Left Handing Brewing Company is one of the most iconic craft breweries in the country (and happens to be 40 minutes down the road from our ROXBOX headquarters), so we could not have been more excited when they approached us about creating a custom shipping container bar concept for their new beer garden. From the get go Left Hand knew what they wanted, an eye-catching, durable centerpiece to their new space that could serve their famous craft beers and beverages all year long. Enter Big Red, a 40 foot shipping container bar with all of the functionality and equipment of a full taproom.

We took this project from “napkin-sketch” through our four-phase shipping container design process – design and analysis in Phase 1, fully stamped and approved plans through the modular program in Phase 2, complete build-out at our Denver facility in Phase 3, and delivery + install on-site in Phase 4.

:eft Hand Brewing Company custom shipping container bar built by ROXBOX Containers.

Specs & Modifications

  • 40’ High-Cube one-trip container
  • 10’ walk-in cooler that holds 20+ kegs 
  • Cooler entry from the person-door inside the bar and from the container doors outside the bar
  • Custom pipe-tap with 8 taps utilizing a glycol system
  • Electrical, lights & plumbing
  • Person-door employee entry
  • Custom signage and branding
  • Three customer windows with retractable awnings and stainless steel countertops (one ADA compliant customer window)
  • Additional back bar customer window with awning and sliding windows
  • Custom back bar equipment, including: two refrigerators, hand sink, cabinets, and stainless countertop
  • Certified modular building with the State of Colorado


The custom BeerCan can be found at Left Hand’s brand new beer garden at their headquarters in Longmont, Colorado. The container bar serves as the centerpiece to Left Hand’s three acre beer garden.


Left Hand originally reached out to ROXBOX about the project in 2019, but plans were stalled due to the pandemic. The project picked up the pace again in early 2021 with a finish date of early August so the beer garden could open for summer. ROXBOX began designing the container in January 2021, working hand-in-hand with the LeftHand team to create their custom 40’ BeerCan.

In Phase 1, our team outlined and designed every detail of the build, including: exterior color, signage, beer and tap system design and location, window and door placement, location of bar equipment, etc. With design and Phase 1 completed, we took the project into Phase 2 and developed stamped plans to submit to the Colorado modular program. Our team worked with architects and engineers, alongside the State of Colorado, to get stamped and approved plans for the permanent modular structure. Then the fun part – Phase 3 and building out the unit. Once all of the materials were received, it took us 43 days to complete this build (including modular inspections). We delivered the final product and completed a small amount of on-site work in late July 2021, more than enough time for Left Hand’s beer garden grand opening party on August 14th!

Project Development

Napkin sketch of Left Hand Brewing Company's custom shipping container bar built by ROXBOX Containers.
Napkin sketch of early on Left Hand BeerCan concept
Renderings of Left Hand Brewing Company's custom shipping container bar built by ROXBOX Containers.
3D renderings of Left Hand BeerCan during design phase
Left Hand Brewing Company custom shipping container bar built by ROXBOX Containers.
Left Hand Brewing Company custom shipping container bar built by ROXBOX Containers.

If you are interested in learning more about the Left Hand BeerCan, our bar & taproom line of shipping containers modifications, or any of our other products and builds, click here to contact our team or visit our website (

ROXBOX Containers 20' HELIOS Solar shipping container refrigeration unit.

ROXBOX's HELIOS Solar Containers Accepted into USDA REAP Program

ROXBOX’s HELIOS line of off-grid, solar infrastructure containers have been accepted into the USDA’s REAP program, giving farmers and rural small businesses the opportunity to apply for USDA grants on all HELIOS units.

What is HELIOS?

HELIOS is ROXBOX’s line of solar cold storage and deployable energy containers. Our HELIOS solutions help our customers reduce their carbon emissions and reliance on diesel generators, which in turn allows individuals, businesses, and communities to go green while saving significantly on operations and fuel costs. Specs of our HELIOS refrigerators, freezers, ice makers and generators include:

20' Refrigerator

• 35°F to 39°F

20' Ice Maker

• -11°F to 0°F

20' Freezer

• 2,224 lbs daily

20' Generator

• 30KW Deploying Solar Array
• 20KW+ Useable Battery Bank
• 20KVA Biodiesel Generator (Optional)

Inside cooler view of ROXBOX Containers 20' HELIOS Solar shipping container refrigeration unit.

The HELIOS line utilizes innovative technology and is pioneering sustainable cold storage and power generation. Each unit is calibrated to a specific use case and is a fully IOT system with remote monitoring and controls. Our HELIOS containers are rapidly deployable, can be transported anywhere in the world, and have state of the art battery banks that allow each unit to run up to 5 days, 24/7 off of a day’s charge . The ability to have 100% solar-powered cold storage and off-grid power generation in a shipping container can drastically improve operations in a variety of industries, including (but not limited to): Defense, Farming, Agriculture, Fisheries, Disaster Relief, Morgues, Food Distribution, Supply Chain, Last-Mile Delivery, Site Power, Off-Grid Ecosystems, Sustainable Infrastructure, Festival & Event Cold Storage, Vaccine Distribution, Construction, and NGOs.

What is the USDA REAP Grant Program?

ROXBOX HELIOS units were recently accepted into the USDA’s REAP program. The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) provides financial assistance to agricultural producers and rural (towns with less than 50,000 people) small businesses in America to purchase, install, and construct renewable energy systems, make energy efficiency improvements to non-residential buildings and facilities, use renewable technologies that reduce energy consumption, and participate in energy audits and renewable energy development assistance.

REAP provides grant funding for up to 25% for your HELIOS units and the loan guarantees can cover up to 75% of the cost of HELIOS unit/s. These grants and loans are awarded on a competitive basis. Terms include:
• Grants and loans to fund installation of Solar Renewable Energy systems: $2,500 minimum to $500,000 maximum
• Grants and loans to fund Energy Efficiency improvements: Rebate amount $1,500 minimum to $250,000 maximum

Who is eligible for REAP grants?

There are two groups eligible for USDA REAP grants: farmers and rural, small businesses:

Farmers (Schedule F)

Agricultural producers with at least 50% of their gross income coming from agricultural operations are eligible for REAP. If applying as a farm, there are no size or geographical restrictions. You can be a huge farm or an urban farm and you do not need to meet any of the “rural small business” requirements. However, in this case, very small farms should be advised that more than 50% of household income must come from the sale of agricultural products (determined by the average percentage over the last three years). If this is not the case, your farm business will need to at least be separately incorporated and be considered eligible as a “rural small business.”

Small, Rural Businesses (Form 1065 or 1120)

If you file a 1065 or 1120, you will be applying as a rural small business. The rules for qualifying are similar to those of farms: the majority of electricity consumed on the property must be for business purposes only, and the applicant can’t owe any back taxes. In most cases, businesses that operate out of your residence do not qualify.

Are you rural?
To be eligible, the business must be located in a rural, qualifying area. To determine if your business is in a qualifying area, you can use the USDA’s Eligibility Map. If your property is close to a qualifying area but it’s not quite within the shaded portion, check with a USDA Grant professional to determine whether or not it qualifies.

Are you a small business?
To be eligible, your business must qualify as a “small business”. If you aren’t certain whether or not your business is legally defined as a “small” business, you can check your NAICS code at the NAICS website here. You can also check your SBA-defined business size at the SBA website here.

How to Get Started & Where to Apply

Applications for REAP are accepted year-round at your local office and you can contact your state rural energy coordinator with any questions. It may seem complicated applying for a grant to the government, but don’t worry. ROXBOX has helped many businesses take advantage of these commercial solar grants and will walk you through the application process.

For more information regarding applicant and project eligibility for loans and grants, visit the USDA REAP webpage, read the eligibility requirements in the most recent Solicitation of Applications for REAP funding in the Federal Registry, and/or contact your state rural energy coordinator.

For more information regarding our HELIOS units and/or ROXBOX information, visit, reach out to our team at 303-997-8875 and/or email us at

ROXBOX Containers launches the BillyBox, a shipping container bar paying tribute to Billy Thompson, a member of the ROXBOX team taken too soon.

ROXBOX Launches New Product Line Paying Tribute to Lost Team Member

ROXBOX Containers has launched the BillyBox paying tribute to “Wild Bill” Thomson, a member of the ROXBOX team who recently passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident.

On April 2nd, 2021 ROXBOX lost a member of the team to a tragic motorcycle accident – “Wild Bill” Thompson. Billy was a self-made man who embodied the ROXBOX mentality of hard work and quality craftsmanship. Billy, a lead welder and fabricator, was a friend to all in the ROXBOX shop and showed up every day ready to work. In his honor, the ROXBOX team has developed the “BillyBox”. The BillyBox is Billy – a badass container bar that has a built-in walk-in cooler for kegs and all of the equipment for a full-service bar.

ROXBOX’s most popular container modification to date is the BeerCan, a 20 foot permanent or mobile container taproom with a walk-in cooler for kegs and tap system. ROXBOX has built BeerCans for many clients across the country, including Smuttynose Brewing Co. in New Hampshire and Two Parts in Denver. The BillyBox takes the BeerCan to the next level.

Built out of a 20-foot or 40-foot one-trip container, the BillyBox is a turnkey full-service shipping container bar perfect for any business or event. Able to be run on-grid or by a generator, the BillyBox has the functionality, equipment, and aesthetic to be the perfect addition to any brewery, beer garden, sports arena, music festival, shipping container park, etc.

Modifications and specs of the Billybox include:

  • Walk-in fridge that can keep upwards of 26 kegs at the perfect drinking temperature 24/7
  • Customizable beer tap system
  • Ice maker & ice well
  • Merchandise fridge
  • Bottle coolers
  • Metro rack
  • dishwasher
  • Stainless steel countertops
  • Liquor bar
  • Triple sink/dump & hand sinks
  • Shelving and storage
  • Employee door
  • Operable cargo door
  • P.O.S. system
  • Wall-mounted television
  • Three service windows with retractable awnings
  • Electric and lighting
  • Custom finishes
  • Interior & exterior painting
  • Signage and branding
ROXBOX Containers Shipping Container Bar

The ROXBOX team is looking forward to beginning production of BillyBoxes and paying tribute to a husband, father, friend, son, and brother who was taken too soon. A portion of every BillyBox sale will go to Billy’s wife and young son forever. Rest in peace Billy – this container bar is for you and your family.

For more information about the BillyBox or information on how you can donate to Billy’s family, please reach out to the ROXBOX team at 303-997-8875 or email us at

ROXBOX Containers launches the BillyBox, a shipping container bar paying tribute to Billy Thompson, a member of the ROXBOX team taken too soon.

ROXBOX Containers is excited to introduce RxBX, our line of shipping container cannabis solutions.

ROXBOX has developed numerous products to help the cannabis industry. For a lower capital investment, ROXBOX’s line of cannabis solutions allows the cannabis industry to grow and evolve. Customers will be able to choose from our RxBX product line, or design a fully custom solution to integrate into their specific business model. These containerized solutions are considered a piece of equipment, and can therefore be depreciated as such.

The RxBX line provides a fast, cost-effective, socially equitable, sustainable, modular, and innovative line of modified container solutions to fulfill the emerging cannabis opportunities across the country. These turn-key and compliant modular shipping container structures allow cannabis firms the opportunity to capitalize quickly and carve out market share. ROXBOX will also be delivering cannabis research modules to help scientists continue studying the cannabis plant and its efficacy.

Below is an overview of the RxBX line offered by ROXBOX:

  • Dispensaries
  • Drive-Thrus
  • Cannabis Consumption Lounges
  • Cannabis Bars
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Cannabis Delivery & Pick-Up
  • Cannabis Extraction
  • Cannabis Vertical Farming
  • Offices
  • Secure Entry-Ways
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Cannabis Processing
  • Cannabis Cold-Storage
  • Cannabis Secure Storage
  • Cannabis Distribution
  • Cannabis Research
  • Ghost Dispensaries
  • Solar Power
ROXBOX Containers launches RxBX, a line of custom cannabis shipping containers, including dispensaries, consumption lounges, research, cannabis, and more. Here is an inside view of a shipping container ghost dispensary.

The ROXBOX team includes cannabis industry veterans that have experience going back over two decades. Team member accomplishments include: winning the first temporary cannabis consumption license in the country in 2019, launching a successful cannabis hardware product, and helping to launch one of the first cannabis-centric publications in 2009.

With the exciting news that Denver is accepting applications for cannabis bar permits in July 2021 (as well as cannabis delivery), now is the best time to invest in this exciting, new opportunity. Along with Colorado, we continue to see progression in the cannabis consumption, cannabis delivery, and cannabis research sectors of the marijuana industry. The ROXBOX team’s experience procuring cannabis consumption licenses, combined with the compliant, sustainably-built, and turn-key RxBX modified containers, gives customers the expertise and solutions to easily enter this nascent opportunity. Additionally, given the low-cost and small footprint of the RxBX line, especially dispensaries, RxBX is a solution in the cannabis social equity conversation by lowering the build-out cost and barrier to entry while solving the ever-present issue of zoning and set-backs.

“It’s an exciting time for both the modular construction and cannabis industries. As legislation continues to be passed easing restrictions in both industries and we continue to see rapid growth in both spaces, we could not be more excited to partner with brands and businesses on RxBX projects.”
Anthony Halsch, ROXBOX CEO

The RxBX line addresses 4 massive issues in the cannabis industry:

  • Zoning and set-back regulations
  • Sustainability
  • Social equity
  • Legal spaces to conduct research

With cannabis consumption, cannabis bars, and cannabis delivery seen as the next big opportunity in the cannabis industry, the RxBX line provides proven compliant containerized solutions that allows everyone from first-time license holders to large multi-state operators the opportunity to expand their businesses. Given the low-cost, the ROI on each model is achieved in a matter of months and the opportunity that the RxBX line provides is compelling. Given the malleable nature of the designs and portability, the RxBX line can conform to any State’s strict marijuana licensing regulations. With members of the RxBX team pioneering the social consumption pathway by winning the first temporary social consumption license in Colorado in 2019, we have the expertise to ensure turn-key compliance.

ROXBOX will be delivering the first RxBX unit – a container dispensary with drive-thru capabilities (a.k.a.. a “ghost dispensary”) in May 2021, and has plans for additional projects throughout 2021 and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about RxBX or are interested in receiving a quote, please reach out to our team by phone (303-997-8875) or submit an inquiry on our website.

Cryptocurrency mining shipping container for BitCoin mining, Ethereum mining, etc..

Capitalizing on Crypto with Containers

As the cryptocurrency market booms, people are looking for new and innovative ways to scale up their crypto mining capabilities while also minimizing the vast energy costs that come with it. Crypto mining containers offer a variety of benefits in the competitive, and often expensive, space.

With Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins reaching all-time highs, more and more people are looking to capitalize on the massive potential gains of the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency mining, most notably Bitcoin mining, is therefore back at center stage on many industry experts and eager hobbyists’ agendas as they look to quickly scale up their mining capacity. Often referred to as the 21st Century’s gold rush, the upsides to running a successful crypto mining operation are limitless. However, it is a costly and challenging operation that is becoming increasingly competitive as more people become interested in and enter the space.

In simple terms, crypto mining means gaining cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) by solving complex equations through the use of powerful computers. The process involves validating data blocks and adding transaction records to a public record known as a blockchain. The computers need to constantly run in order to try and solve the complex equations, which in turn requires an immense amount of power. The cost of electricity and the reliability of the electrical infrastructure are therefore two of the most important factors when it comes to picking a location to house a crypto mining operation. It can therefore be challenging for crypto miners to find a truly cost-effective and easily scalable solution for their operations.

Enter the CryptoCan, a crypto mining shipping container built by ROXBOX Containers. Built from a standard 40’HC container, the CryptoCan is a 2MW UL-certified, high-performance container changing the game in the crypto mining industry. The container can house 560 S9 ASIC Miners or 1,120 S17/S19 ASIC Miners (which are not included with the purchase of a Crypto Can). Other specs include a plug limitation of 3,400 Watts/plug, Service Entry 3,000A Integrated Switchboard, and a robust cooling system. The CryptoCan can be modified and customized to a customer’s preference and ROXBOX has the capacity to produce numerous units at scale. That being said, these units are designed for serious crypto mining operations utilizing a high-quality unit designed with maximum efficiencies.

As crypto mining requires an immense amount of energy, mining profits heavily rely on the price of electricity. Unlike a warehouse or basement mining operation, you can easily transport the CrytpoCan anywhere in the world by sea or land and connect it to the cheapest electricity possible for the best return on investment. The containers also allow customers to quickly upscale or downscale their operations, as they are not confined to a set space or set number of racks. Whether a mining operation wants to house one container or one hundred, the CryptoCan offers customers the flexibility to scale at their own pace.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency mining, ROXBOX’s innovation and agility are setting them apart. The CryptoCan’s mobility and scalability offer a unique solution to anyone looking to increase their mining capacity. As cryptocurrency prices continue to trend upwards and more people look to get into the space, the ROXBOX team is excited and optimistic about the future of the CryptoCan.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information, pricing, would like to place an order or are interested in our other commercial shipping container structures.

ROXBOX Containers' custom Adidas Golf PGA Tour shipping container mobile experiential marketing activation.

ROXBOX Teams Up with Adidas Golf

As in-person events and festivals start up again in the post-Covid era, Experiential modifications are becoming increasingly popular within the modular industry. Showcasing their versatility within the space, ROXBOX recently collaborated with Adidas Golf on a fully customized container activation for the upcoming PGA Tour.

As in-person events, festivals, and conventions start again and the weather starts to warm up, brands and businesses are looking for new and creative ways to interact with their customers after more than a year of fully digital, online marketing initiatives. Experiential marketing is therefore back at the forefront of many marketing teams’ strategies as we move into the second half of 2021. Experiential marketing, which was seeing a boom prior to the pandemic, is set to take off again as brands are eager to reconnect with their customers beyond the screen.

What exactly is experiential marketing? Experiential marketing is an entire channel of marketing that involves any face-to-face or offline efforts to raise brand awareness, create and nurture business opportunities and develop long-term customer loyalty. It is an incredible way to drive more customer engagement at

off-line events and stand out by offering a new experience to interact with your brand and business. With in-person events popping up again all over the country, many brands and businesses are eager to capitalize as experiential marketing gains traction.

Two companies at the forefront of the movement are Adidas and ROXBOX. The two brands teamed up on an Experiential activation set to hit the road in the upcoming weeks. The build, which will be touring with the Adidas Golf team on the upcoming PGA Tour, provides a new and exciting way for Adidas’ customers to interact with the brand. Built from a 20-foot container on a custom-built goose neck trailer, the modification can be easily set up, tore down, and transported, providing a high-quality, truly mobile solution for the Adidas Golf team as they travel along with the fast-paced schedule of the PGA Tour.

Adidas fans will have the opportunity to peruse gear and interact with the Adidas team on the 100 square foot showroom floor, and then head up to the rooftop terrace where they can practice their golf game on a private putting green. The activation will be making its debut in June at Pinehurst Golf Club in North Carolina, and will then travel across the country alongside some of the best golfers in the game.

Speaking with Beau Bergman, COO of ROXBOX, the ROXBOX team is optimistic about the future of their Experiential line and is excited for future collaborations with brands and businesses.

“It’s an exciting time for both the modular construction and experiential marketing industries. Now that Covid restrictions are easing, brands are eager to up their experiential marketing game, and our modular solutions allow them to truly engage with their customers and bring their vision to life.”

-Beau Bergman, COO

With the Adidas collaboration in its final stages of construction, the ROXBOX team is eager to collaborate on more Experiential projects. From previously built designs to fully customized solutions, the ROXBOX team has the expertise and experience to bring any project to life. Reach out to them by phone or submit an inquiry online to bring your brand’s experiential marketing to the next level.

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Beau Bergman, COO and Anthony Halsch, founder and CEO of Roxbox.
Kathleen Lavine | DBJ