Project Background

The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) is an American and Canadian labor union. LiUNA’s Local 837 chapter out of Ontario, Canada, approached our team in early 2021 with the vision of building a shipping container confined space training unit after seeing a similar training unit we built for Sendrex Safety & Rescue. Their vision was to create a unit that they could use to safely train their members in a controlled environment, and that is exactly what we delivered. The unit has all of the necessary equipment to effectively train LiUNA members in various skillsets, while also being able to monitor the trainees via night vision cameras and an exterior mounted monitoring station. With this unit, LiUNA can simulate a confined space and practice rescue operations, best practices, and truly emulate a dangerous environment. The railings, ladder, and deck are designed to be weight-bearing so LiUNA can attach pulleys and different lifting systems throughout the unit, easily allowing them to practice different rescue techniques.

LiUNA was thrilled with the final product and we are proud to help our North American union workers stay safe on the job!

We took this project from “napkin-sketch” through our 4 Phase Process – design and analysis in Phase 1, shop drawings in Phase 2, complete build-out at our Denver facility in Phase 3, and delivery to Ontario, Canada, in Phase 4.

ROXBOX Containers Confined Space Simulator Shipping Container

Specs & Modifications

  • 20’ Standard height (8’6’’H) one-trip shipping container
  • Rooftop deck w/ grating
  • Detachable powder-coated railings
  • Safety ladder
  • Night vision cameras and exterior monitoring station
  • Interior lights & outlets
  • Simple electric system w/ a 110v “standard” outlet plug
  • Side escape tube and hatch
  • Roof-top escape hatch
  • Interior blackout paint
  • Exterior LIUNA orange paint


This custom 20’ confined space training unit can be found inside the LiUNA Ontario, Canada, facility.


This unit followed our standard Four Phase approach. Phase 1 took about 3 weeks to complete with a focus on meeting the requirements for confined space simulation. In Phase 2, we refined those conceptual drawings to create detailed shop drawings. Since this unit is classified as a mobile unit, we were able to move quickly through Phase 2 as we could bypass the sometimes lengthy process of architecture & engineering stamps, submission, review, redlines, revisions, etc. With the LiUNA approved plans in hand, we jumped into Phase 3 and built out the confined space unit in ~6 weeks at our Denver facility. Delivery in Phase 4 took about 5 days to get from Denver, Colorado to Ontario, Canada.

Project Development

LiUNA Confined Space Training unit rendering from Phase 1 - Design & Planning.
LiUNA Confined Space Training Unit Shop Drawings (specs redacted).
ROXBOX Containers Confined Space Simulator Shipping Container
Finished LiUNA Confined Space Training unit
ROXBOX Containers Confined Space Simulator Shipping Container
Finished LiUNA Confined Space Training unit

If you are interested in learning more about the LiUNA Confined Space Training unit or any of our other container modifications, click here to contact our team or visit our website for more custom shipping container building inspiration.

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