Project Spotlight: Coca-Cola Mobile BoomBox

Project Background

The Coca-Cola BoomBox was one of our coolest projects to date and we could not have been happier with how it turned out! The entire ROXBOX team came together to design & build this incredible shipping container marketing unit extremely fast without compromising our high-quality standards.

Coca-Cola approached us with a blank slate and told us to do what we do best, create an exciting and innovative mobile experiential marketing activation out of a 20’ shipping container that they could tour throughout the country. The only criteria we were given for this mobile container marketing unit were to make sure the project would have a focus on music & sustainability and offer guests an interactive experience. With this direction, the fun part began. After multiple brainstorming sessions with the ROXBOX team, we created a conceptual design for a solar-powered mobile boombox and presented it to the Coke team…

Enter the Coca-Cola BoomBox! This giant solar-powered boombox is built out of an upcycled 20′ shipping container and transforms into an interactive marketing experience at each location it stops. The underlying concept of the project focuses on bringing music to different communities and events, all while giving people the opportunity to learn how to DJ on high-end DJ equipment and highlighting the central Coca-Cola ethos of sustainability.

Key features of the BoomBox include: an interactive DJ experience where guests can learn to DJ, sound-activated LEDs, speakers that bump, a VIP rooftop deck, interchangeable graphics for different Coca-Cola brands and marketing initiatives, and the ability to easily open up and close down at each event (this unit is a true transformer)!

The BoomBox brings the party and is the focal point wherever it goes… And since it’s fully solar-powered, it can go anywhere!

Specs & Modifications

  • 20′ One-trip shipping container
  • Roof-top deck with collapsible railings
  • Custom 3D boom box elements: speakers, light-up equalizer, buttons, and a custom vinyl wrap
  • Sound-activated LED lights
  • Interactive DJ experience with DJ booth and high-end DJ equipment
  • Numerous speakers and subs
  • “Selfie room” with custom neon signs & green walls
  • Interchangeable SEG graphics allow for different brands to “skin”/brand the unit
  • Custom stairs and flooring
  • Lighting, electrical, solar, and actuator systems – all with redundancies
  • Interior and exterior black paint
  • Removable railings, stairs, and walls
  • Mechanical room w/ employee door
  • (2) Awnings on actuators with solar-panels
  • (2) fold-down decks
  • 100% solar-powered with six (6) solar panels
  • (3) massive batteries (the unit can run for an entire day on a full charge without the sun)
  • Custom trailer that makes the unit easily moveable


Fortunately, the first couple stops for the BoomBox were right in our backyard for some incredible concerts at one of the world’s most iconic music venues – Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre.

Currently, the BoomBox can be found traveling the country on the Coca-Cola BoomBox Tour, where it will stop at events, concerts, festivals, parties, and sporting events along the way. The BoomBox’s first tour will be a full west coast tour, making appearances in Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Be sure to check out the hashtag #cocacolaboomboxtour on all social media platforms to see where the unit currently is and where it is headed. Who knows, maybe it will pop up in your hometown next!

In regards to where the BoomBox is able to operate, the answer is simple… anywhere! Since the unit is fully solar-powered, there are no limitations to where the BoomBox can go.

Coca-Cola BoomBox at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado


The timeline on this project was VERY aggressive. We spent about a month in pre-construction refining the design with the Coca-Cola team and creating detailed shop drawings. We only had ~7 weeks to build the unit (along with numerous other projects we had in production) in order to have it ready for multiple dates at Red Rocks and the start of the 2022 BoomBox Tour.

The ROXBOX team really came together to build this incredible shipping container experiential marketing unit in record time!

Project Development

Coca-Cola BoomBox conceptual renderings
Work in progress photos of the Coca-Cola BoomBox in ROXBOX's Denver facility
Completed project photos

If you are interested to learn more about the Coca-Cola BoomBox or any of our other container modification projects, like a custom container coffee shop, a conex dispensary, or more, please click here to contact our team.