Project Spotlight: Live Nation Rental Kiosks

Project Background

In this project spotlight we highlight the shipping container rental kiosks we built for Live Nation Entertainment, one of the world’s leading live entertainment companies that promotes, operates, and manages venues, festivals, and ticket sales for live entertainment internationally. Live Nation entrusted ROXBOX to design, build & deliver 27 high-quality custom kiosk containers to 12 different Live Nation concert venues across the United States. These 20’, 30’, & 40’ mobile units will be used for lawn chair and blanket rentals, allowing guests to comfortably watch a concert without having to lug in their own supplies. Designed to be mobile, the kiosks can be moved around the venues depending on demand & needs for different concerts & events. 

During our pre-construction Phases 1 & 2, ROXBOX worked with the Live Nation team to create their custom designs and develop a strong production & delivery timeline. A key part in creating the delivery timeline was understanding the complexities of delivering units to numerous venues across the country. While the client was interested in 20’, 30’ and 40’ units, we recommended not doing 30’ modules to save on time and cost. However, due to space constraints at multiple venues, the project required some modules to be that custom 30’ length. We therefore developed the most cost-effective approach to manufacture a custom 30’ length shipping container.

With the plan in place, we unleashed our fantastic production team to produce all 27 custom units as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising our high-quality standards. We set up a LEAN production line for these units and dedicated an entire production lane in our Houston factory for this project. Upon the completion of each unit, we worked with the main point of contact at each respective venue to coordinate transportation and logistics. This comprehensive and robust approach allowed the Live Nation team to work with ROXBOX to seamlessly execute this project from idea to design to production to delivery.

Live Nation is setting the standard in sustainability for events, establishing environmental goals for all Live Nation venues and festivals, such as: phasing out the sale of single-use plastics, a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and setting the goal of all offices, venues, and events to be zero waste to landfill by 2030. Therefore, upcycling a shipping container was an important aspect of this project, as it perfectly aligns with Live Nation’s sustainability goals and incentives.

ROXBOX is proud to earn another Fortune 500’s trust as a valuable manufacturing partner producing high-quality custom shipping containers at scale.

Specs & Modifications

Project specs and modifications include:

  • Fourteen (14) 40’ units
  • Four (4) 30’ units
  • Seven (7) 20’
  • Roll-Up Kiosk Windows
  • Employee Doors
  • Electrical & lighting
  • Exterior stainless steel countertops
  • Custom interior chair racking system
  • Interior shelving
  • Exterior & interior paint


The rental kiosks can be found at the below Live Nation venues across the United States:

  • Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin
  • Concord Pavilion in Concord, California
  • FPL Solar in Miami, Florida
  • Glen Helen Amphitheatre in San Bernardino, California
  • Isleta Amphitheatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia
  • North Island Credit Union Amphithreatre in San Diego, California
  • The Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • RUOFF Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana
  • Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California
  • The Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts
  • Toyota Amphitheatre in Wheatland, California
  • White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington

Project Scope

ROXBOX collaborated with the client to execute the design + build + inspections/approvals + delivery of these custom units. Since this is a mobile classified project, there were no requirements for submission and approval of stamped plans.

Project Timeline

• Design = 3 weeks
• Production and delivery of all 27 custom containers = 12 weeks

Project Development

Construction Documents
Production Photos

If you are interested in learning more about the Live Nation Rental Kiosks or any of our other container modification projects, click here to contact our team or visit our website (

Project Spotlight: East Side Denton 20' BillyBox

Project Background

In this blog we highlight the 20’ BillyBox (full-service shipping container bar) we built for East Side Denton, a rustic bar focused on beer, scotch & whiskey with food trucks, a beer garden, and yard games in historic downtown Denton, Texas. This full-service shipping container bar will be used to serve beer on tap, canned/bottled beverages, cocktails, and slushies to the beer garden’s guests all year long. With 10 taps, three service windows, and a walk-in cooler, this unit will be able to handle crowds of all sizes.

Upcycling a shipping container was an important aspect of this project, as the East Side Denton team not only prioritizes sustainability at their venue, but the industrial aesthetic of the BillyBox perfectly fits East Side’s rustic vibe. The two-tone blue paint job really makes the unit “pop”, along with the Denton disco ball added after this unit opened its doors.

Specs & Modifications

Project specs and modifications include:

  • 20’ standard one-trip shipping container
  • (3) Service windows with retractable awnings
  • 7’W x 7’L Walk-in cooler w/ Trusscore walls & ceiling and diamond plate floor
  • 10-tap direct-draw draft system
  • Reclaimed wood tap wall
  • Ice maker & ice well
  • Stainless steel interior & exterior countertops
  • Triple sink, dump sink & hand sink
  • Merchandiser refrigerator, shelving, storage, and fans
  • Employee door
  • Operable cargo door for walk-in refrigerator
  • 100 AMP electrical system & lights
  • Plumbing w/ hot water heater and tank system
  • Interior & exterior custom two-tone paint


The BillyBox is the centerpiece of Austin Street Truck Stop, the outdoor beer garden and food truck park at East Side Denton. With the BillyBox located in the center of the large outdoor patio, guests are able to grab a beverage from the container bar while perusing the many food truck options surrounding the seating area.

Project Scope

ROXBOX coordinated with the client to execute design + build + delivery of a turn-key 20’ BillyBox model. By opting for one of our mobile-classified ROXBOX models, the East Side Denton team chose the fastest, easiest, and cheapest option ROXBOX offers. The ROXBOX team handled every aspect of the project from design & code compliance to build & delivery.

Project Timeline

By choosing a ROXBOX model, the pre-construction timeline for this project was cut to less than a week as we coordinated the colors and some optional upgrades with the client. Production took less than 4 weeks and this unit was delivered + generating revenue within 6 weeks from when this order was taken.

Project Development

Renderings & Construction Documents
On-Site Photos

If you are interested in learning more about the East Side Denton BillyBox or any of our other container modification projects, click here to contact our team or visit our website (

Josh Abbey Joins the ROXBOX Team as Principal Architect

ROXBOX is excited to announce the hiring of Josh Abbey to the team as our Principal Architect. Josh is a licensed architect with over 12 years of experience in the modular design field and has a vibrant passion for containerized construction. With the hiring of Josh, ROXBOX is now a true design + build firm, allowing us to expedite pre-construction by having one of the nation’s leading experts in modular architecture on the team.

About Josh

Josh Abbey brings a wealth of architectural expertise to the ROXBOX team. Josh is a licensed architect in the US with 12 years of experience in the luxury hospitality, high-end residential, and commercial market sectors. He has worked on a handful of award-winning projects for clients such as JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Conrad, and various others worldwide. Josh also previously founded a shipping container housing company ( and will be spearheading a residential line of luxury container homes in ROXBOX’s product line in the near future.

His commitment to design excellence was recognized with the “Rising Star” award from Space International Hotel Design Magazine in 2022.

Examples of Josh's Box & Boulder Work:

What Josh’s Hiring Means for ROXBOX

With the addition of Josh to lead our Design team, ROXBOX is now a fully integrated design + build firm that can help our clients with every aspect of their projects. From zoning & entitlements, schematic design, architecture & engineering, plan submission & approval, to build & delivery… ROXBOX now has a comprehensive team of modular experts helping our clients bring their projects from napkin sketch to reality. Josh will be overseeing a team of ROXBOX design professionals collaborating with our clients to bring their visions to life and ensuring all projects are successfully approved by local AHJs and/or State Modular Programs.

In addition, Josh is leading the introduction of new ROXBOX models in the commercial sector, as well as spearheading our modular residential program set to fully launch in 2024.

As ROXBOX is currently leading the design + build of numerous large commercial developments across the country utilizing shipping containers (aka “Container Parks”), Josh’s expertise as a licensed architect will allow our clients to capitalize even more on one of the biggest value propositions of modular construction – speed.

If you are a developer looking for an innovative, low-cost, and low-risk opportunity, contact ROXBOX today and unleash Josh and his team to turn your property into a cash cow.

Project Spotlight: Carowinds Mobile BillyBoxes

Project Background

In this blog we highlight the two 20′ mobile BillyBoxes (full-service shipping container bars) we built for Carowinds Amusement Park outside Charlotte, North Carolina. Carowinds is a 407-acre amusement park owned and operated by Cedar Fair and has served as the premier amusement park destination for Carolinians since it opened in 1973.

Carowinds approached ROXBOX in 2022 in need of two mobile bars that they could move around the park and the BillyBox was the perfect solution for their team. With a walk-in cooler and onboard fresh & grey water tanks, the bars can be moved around the park to optimize sales at new locations and/or accommodate event-driven demand. The 6-tap direct-draw draft system, ice maker, ice well, triple sink, dump sink, hand sink, merchandiser refrigerator, and plenty of extra space for additional equipment allow the park to serve beer on tap, canned/bottled beverages, cocktails, and snacks to park guests. With unique color schemes and branding on each unit, the BillyBoxes are able to seamlessly fit into the different themes of the park while also catching the attention of guests.

Upcycling shipping containers was an important aspect of this project, as the Cedar Fair team is prioritizing their sustainability initiatives at all of their parks across the country. Not only are the BillyBoxes eye-catching, durable, and functional, but they also support Cedar Fair’s CSR (Corporate Social Sustainability) goals.

On-Site Video Tour

Specs & Modifications

Project specs and modifications include:

  • 20’ standard one-trip shipping container
  • (3) Service windows with retractable awnings
  • 7’W x 7’L Walk-in cooler w/ Trusscore walls & ceiling and diamond plate floor
  • 6-tap direct-draw draft system
  • Trusscore tap wall
  • Ice maker & ice well
  • Stainless steel interior & exterior countertops
  • Triple sink, dump sink & hand sink
  • Fresh & grey water tanks
  • Merchandiser refrigerator, shelving, and storage
  • Employee door
  • Operable cargo door for walk-in refrigerator
  • 100 AMP electrical system & lights
  • Plumbing w/ hot water heater
  • Interior & exterior custom paint


The BillyBoxes can be found at Carowinds Amusement Park outside Charlotte, North Carolina. One of the BillyBoxes is currently located at Aeronautica Landing, a brand new aviation-themed section of the park. Located in a hangar, the BillyBox has fittingly been named the “Aircraft Brewery”. The second BillyBox can currently be found in one of the park’s beer gardens, but the Carowinds team has plans to move this unit around the complex when the demand arises.

Project Scope

ROXBOX coordinated with the client to execute design + inspections/approvals + build + delivery of turn-key BillyBox models. By opting for one of our ROXBOX models, the Carowinds team opted for the fastest, easiest, and cheapest option ROXBOX offers. The ROXBOX team handled every aspect of the project from design to code compliance to build and delivery.

Project Timeline

Since the units are mobile and Carowinds opted for one of our pre-designed ROXBOX models (the 20′ BillyBox), the pre-construction phases of this project were quick. Upon the selection of optional upgrades to their BillyBox units, we moved the project directly into production. Once we received the materials, production of both units took less than 60 days.

Project Development

Renderings & Construction Documents
In-Shop Completed Build Photos
On-Site Photos

Rendering to Reality Sliders

Click and drag the blue slider bars to toggle between the before & after photos
Carowinds-Slider-#2-Rendering-for-Web Carowinds-BillyBoxes-for-Web-v1
Carowinds-Slider-#2-Rendering-for-Web Carowinds-Slider-#2-Rendering-for-Web

If you are interested to learn more about the Carowinds BillyBoxes or any of our other container modification projects, click here to contact our team or visit our website (

Project Spotlight: Q'anápsu Dispensary

Project Background

Welcome to Q’anápsu, a 25-container dispensary built on the Cowlitz Reservation in Washington state. This project is one of the largest shipping container structures in the Western Hemisphere and is a true testament to volumetric modular construction. ROXBOX collaborated with the client to execute the design + build + on-site install of this shell pathway project, after which a local General Contractor finished the build-out on-site per our direction.

The permanent dispensary location capped off a long-running development plan for the tribe, as they looked to expand their Q’anápsu Dispensary operations beyond the mobile dispensary truck they were operating out of for years. The 25-container dispensary features a check-in entrance/patio, large retail space, ATM room, photo/selfie room, product storage space, employee back-of-house lounge, offices, and a secure driveway for product delivery. Ten (10) 40’ containers make up the first level and fifteen (15) 20’ & 40’ containers make up the second level. Two impressive cantilevers cap off the massive modular structure (one of which juts out 21 feet over the entrance patio), showcasing the true versatility of building with shipping containers. The structure is painted Q’anápsu’s iconic green and is decorated with various types of branding to truly make the structure pop from all angles.

Upcycling shipping containers was an important aspect of this project, as sustainability is a defining ethos of the Cowlitz people and they wanted to reflect that in all aspects of the build. Not only is this structure an important economic development that the tribe can use to employ members and bring in funds to the community, but it’s also a building they can be proud of everytime they look at it. The detail that went into the build and significance of the project can best be described by the tribe themselves: “Welcome to Q’anápsu, a unique dispensary experience brought to you by the Cowlitz people. Q’anápsu in our language means grass. Just like the hearty grasses throughout the prairies as you look east from where you stand, Q’anápsu has a thousand stories to tell. From artwork representing our beautiful landscape, to the shapes of traditional cedar hats, you’ll see our stories are woven throughout our store.”

Working with the Cowlitz Tribe and incorporating their culture, history, & story into every aspect of the build was a special opportunity for the ROXBOX team.

Q'anápsu Video Tour

Specs & Modifications

Project specs and modifications include:

  • Design, modeling, pre-construction management, and creation of stamped CD set
  • 25 shipping containers (both 20’ & 40’ ST and HC one-trip shipping containers)
  • Layout & fabrication of all penetrations
  • Modification of containers
  • Fabrication of structural reinforcement for penetrations
  • Install of exterior steel personnel doors
  • Interior framing
  • Spray foam insulation under ground floor units
  • Exterior painting of containers
  • Transportation of containers to project site
  • Container site install and welding
  • Structural interior steelwork


Q’anápsu is located on the Cowlitz Reservation in Washington state about 20 minutes north of Portand, Oregon. The dispensary is located on the grounds of the ilani Casino Resort, which is also owned and operated by the Cowlitz tribe.

Project Scope

ROXBOX collaborated with the client to execute the design + inspections/approvals + “shell” build + delivery + on-site install, while the client (in collaboration with a local General Contractor) finished the build-out on-site.

While we often are tapped to handle all of the design + build components of our projects, ownership chose to engage numerous parties to execute this project:

Project Timeline

ROXBOX spent several weeks helping the Q’anápsu team, including their architect, to finalize their CD set given it was their first foray into modular construction including bringing in our structural engineering team. The build-out and delivery of all 25 units took less than 4 months and the whole building was completed in less than 6 months, highlighting one of the biggest value propositions of modular construction – speed. This allowed the tribe to open ~40% faster than traditional construction methodologies, thereby generating significantly more revenue by being open so quickly.

Project Development

Q'anápsu Renderings & Construction Documents
Delivery + Install
Finished Build Photos

If you are interested to learn more about Q’anápsu Dispensary or any of our other container modification projects, click here to contact our team or visit our website (

Project Spotlight: SERV Shipping Container Park

Project Background

Welcome to SERV, a new pickleball-themed entertainment district located in Overland Park, Kansas outside Kansas City. The indoor and outdoor entertainment complex offers a variety of food concepts, pickleball courts, yard games and private event spaces. ROXBOX led the design of the outdoor shipping container park, in which 19 shipping containers were used for food & beverage concepts, retail/office suites, bathrooms, storage, and branding.

The outdoor container park features five 40’ container kitchens, one 20’ drive-thru & walk-up cafe, five 20’ office/retail/private lounge suites, one 40’ double-wide bathroom, one 40’ dry-storage container, one 40’ cold storage container, one 40’ tower, and a 40’ container bar with two 40’ containers stacked on top to support a 20’ X 10’ LCD screen & SERV signage. With tons of seating & dining options, a stage opening up to a large turf yard, and two large video boards, the space is perfect for watch parties, summer movie nights, or a day out with family & friends. Two outdoor pickleball courts with stadium seating cap off the container park.

The SERV team capitalized on utilizing many of our standard models, thereby leading to a more efficient pre-construction phase of the project. On the other side, they chose to bring in numerous other firms which led to some delays through the construction phases of the project.

SERV’s indoor facility offers 6 pickleball courts (allowing guests to play no matter the weather), two bars, a sit-down restaurant, and multiple private event spaces. The combination of both the indoor and outdoor facilities makes SERV the perfect location for a fun day out with friends and family. As shipping container parks and large-scale modular developments become more popular, SERV has become a shining testament to how modular construction can quickly transform any property into an exciting space for the community with minimal development cost and a tremendous ROI opportunity. With the addition of our massive new Houston modular facility, we are excited to continue spearheading more container parks and larger-scale developments like SERV across the country.

SERV Video Tour

Specs & Modifications

Project specs and modifications include:

  • Nineteen (19) total new/one-trip shipping containers
  • Thirteen (13) 40’ new/one-trip shipping containers
  • Six (6) 20’ new/one-trip shipping containers
  • Five 40’ container kitchens with walk-up service windows
  • One (1) 20’ drive-thru and walk-up cafe
  • Five (5) 20’ office/retail/lounge suites
  • One (1) 40’ Double-wide bathroom
  • One (1) 40’ container bar with two 40’ containers stacked on top to support a 20’ X 10’ LCD screen & signage (the top two containers are also used for dry storage)
  • One (1) 40’ dry-storage container
  • One (1) 40’ cold storage container
  • One (1) 40’ tower
  • Custom parapets on all kitchens, cafes, bathrooms, and office/retail suites
  • Signage & branding


SERV is located in Overland Park, Kansas, a bustling suburb outside Kansas City. With this first location already seeing tremendous success, the SERV team has their eyes on opening more locations in the coming years.

Project Scope

ROXBOX coordinated with the client to execute the entirety of pre-construction with design + approval + project planning.

While we often are tapped to handle all of the design + build components of our projects, ownership chose to engage numerous parties to execute this project:

Project Timeline

Pre-construction for this project took just under 4 months.

Project Development

SERV Renderings
SERV Construction Documents
Finished Build Photos

If you are interested to learn more about SERV Shipping Container Park or any of our other container modification projects, click here to contact our team or visit our website (

ROXBOX's manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas

ROXBOX Opens New Modular Manufacturing Facility in Houston, Texas

Welcome to ROXBOX Texas!

Welcome to ROXBOX Texas! ROXBOX is excited to announce the opening of our new Houston, Texas modular manufacturing facility. While our headquarters & design studio will remain in Denver, our production has now moved to our new Houston factory. This 45,000 sqft facility greatly enhances our capabilities and ability to produce high-quality projects at scale. With 30+ production bays and two 25-ton overhead cranes, we can build projects of any size or complexity and are excited to tackle more large-scale projects.

ROXBOX's manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas
ROXBOX's manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas

Due to increased efficiencies – the move also means faster project timelines & cheaper prices for our customers (both new and old)! ROXBOX is a certified modular manufacturer and we design + build projects in every state.

We added the Houston production facility to meet continued demand in the modular building industry while maintaining our Colorado roots with our Denver HQ. ROXBOX HTX is open for tours for our clients and we are excited to continue to design + build modular and containerized projects across North America. ROXBOX is one of the U.S. leaders in the shipping container modification industry and we continue to expand our offerings as we take on more steel-framed modular projects. The shipping container will always be our area of expertise, including all the requirements for permitting, engineering, code compliance, etc., and we pride ourselves on working with our clients to be their manufacturing partners. ROXBOX is the ideal manufacturing partner for any shipping container or steel-frame modular project (like a shipping container coffee shop, a conex bar, or more) with the ability to produce multiple units quickly and of the highest quality.

Houston Shop Video Tour

Join us on a 2-minute tour of our manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.


To celebrate the increased efficiencies and the opening of ROXBOX HTX, we’re offering 5% off any Phase 3 costs for new projects that are booked before May 31st, 2023. We could not be more excited for this next chapter in the ROXBOX journey and look forward to building this company in Texas, Colorado, and beyond.

Have a big project in mind and need a firm that can produce quality units at scale? Please reach out to us via the inquiry form here and tell us more about your project.

ROXBOX 2022 Year in Review

2022 was a big year for ROXBOX. We completed numerous projects for amazing clients, introduced multiple lines of ROXBOX models, teased ROXBOX Residential, expanded our offerings and capabilities, signed contracts on some exciting future projects (including multiple shipping container parks & multi-container structures), and moved our production facility to a 45,000 square foot facility in Houston, Texas. In recognition of the incredible year we had, we wanted to highlight these key milestones and showcase some of the projects we completed in 2022 that epitomize the ROXBOX design + build methodology.

None of this would be possible without our amazing team and we’re honored to work with some of the most dedicated, creative, passionate, and brilliant individuals in the world!

ROXBOX's manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas
ROXBOX's manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas

2022 Project Showcase

Coca-Cola BoomBox

The Coca-Cola BoomBox was one of our coolest projects to date and we could not have been happier with how it turned out. The entire ROXBOX team came together to design + build this incredible shipping container experiential marketing unit extremely fast without compromising our high-quality standards. This giant solar-powered boombox built out of an upcycled shipping container transforms into an interactive marketing experience at each location it stops. The underlying concept of the project focuses on bringing music to different communities and events while giving people the opportunity to learn how to DJ on high-end DJ equipment and highlighting the central Coca-Cola ethos of sustainability.

Key features of the BoomBox include: an interactive DJ experience where guests can learn to DJ, sound-activated LEDs, speakers that bump, VIP rooftop deck, and interchangeable graphics for different Coke brands and marketing initiatives. The BoomBox is the focal point wherever it goes… and since it’s fully solar-powered, it can go anywhere!

Boy Scouts of America 40' Shipping Container Healthcare Unit

The Boy Scouts of America 40’ healthcare unit was an exciting collaboration for our team and showcased our capabilities in the containerized healthcare space. Located on Melita Island, a private island Boy Scouts camping retreat on the beautiful Flathead Lake in Montana, this 40’ shipping container mobile healthcare clinic ensures the scouts are safe while at the campsite. With one check-in/office room, two diagnosis rooms, one exam room, and a mobile plumbing system with tanks, this unit is able to handle all of the retreat’s on-site simple medical needs. As a mobile classified unit, there was no need for permitting and the scouts will be able to move the container clinic to other locations in the future.

This unit was also one our coolest deliveries to date, as the unit was craned onto a barge, driven across one of the most beautiful lakes in the US, and then craned off the barge and onto the island! Still waiting on that Container Merit Badge but, with numerous Eagle Scouts on the team, we were proud to help this fantastic organization!

Simply Pizza 20' Shipping Container Kitchen

Simply Pizza is a Denver-based, woman-owned pizza business that we had the honor to build 20′ mobile pizza kitchens for as they continue their growth. We built two identical units for the Simply Pizza team as they expand their pizza empire from their food truck origin, and hope to build many more with them in the future. With onboard utilities, Simply Pizza is able to move their container kitchens to events, festivals, beer gardens, weddings, tailgates, and more! With many of our clients opting for 40’ kitchens, this project showcased the possibilities of utilizing 20’ shipping containers for kitchens and how we can use the smaller footprint to still build a spacious kitchen. Additionally, given their mobile classification, this project moved quickly and the timeline wasn’t hindered by architecture & engineering requirements that our permanent projects sometimes face.

Detroit Holiday Village Retail Huts Redeployment

Heading into the holidays, ROXBOX successfully redeployed the pop-up retail units we built for Detroit’s annual Holiday Village alongside Groundswell Design Group & Bedrock.

First deployed for last year’s holiday market, the units have been stored off-site since February. Over the course of late November & early December, the ROXBOX, Groundswell, and Bedrock teams collaborated on transporting the units back to Detroit’s Cadillac Square in the city’s center for the annual holiday experience. The village consists of an outdoor marketplace with eight beautiful custom retail spaces featuring a variety of local Detroit retailers. As part of the Bedrock and Quicken Loans Community Fund’s mission to support the local entrepreneurial community, each business featured in the holiday market is Detroit-based, female-owned and/or minority-owned. Merchandise ranging from locally inspired streetwear and artwork to delicious treats and Michigan staple dishes provides all attendees a sampling of Detroit’s unique culture.

These units were designed by Groundswell Design Group for Bedrock and fabricated by ROXBOX. We are very proud to support this project and its mission!

Bruder Design House Shipping Container Garage

ROXBOX partnered with Bruder Design House, a residential design + build firm based out of Colorado, to design and build this beautiful shipping container garage. Located in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Golden, Colorado, the project is a shining testament of modular design overcoming a challenging hillside site. Built from seven 20’ high-cube shipping containers, this two-story multi-container structure has an elevated two-car garage, gear room/mudroom, outdoor game area, professional music studio, home gym and a rooftop deck with stunning views of the mountains.

The sustainably-built garage overcomes its hillside location via its two-story design. On the top level, the two-car garage and gear/mudroom are seamlessly connected to the main floor of the house via an elevated deck. On the first level, the music studio, home gym and outdoor game room are connected to the basement via a wrap-around deck that opens up to a beautiful backyard.

This project is a prime example of the “shell” pathway for a custom project. The Bruder Design House team came to ROXBOX with stamped architectural plans whereupon ROXBOX helped refine the plans and get them approved. ROXBOX then supplied and installed the shells on-site (ROXBOX was contracted to unload and install/connect the shipping containers). Bruder Design House and their experienced General Contractor then took over and finished out the units with on-site inspections from the local Building Department. ROXBOX was able to deliver and install the garage’s “shell” in days, giving the Bruder team their beautiful 2-story garage shell quickly and highlighting the value of modular construction.

Shipping Container Bars

While not a single project, 2022 was a huge year for shipping container bars. The BeerCan & BillyBox are what ROXBOX was built on and we love designing & building these units for our clients. Our shipping container bar models are our most popular products and some of the fastest units we can build – these units have a huge ROI and we are able to deliver them within weeks! Showcased below are multiple shipping container bar projects we completed this year.

Aspen Grove 20’ Shopping Complex 20’ BeerCan Heavy

The 20′ BeerCan Heavy we built for Aspen Grove Shopping Center in Littleton, Colorado was one of the coolest bars we have ever built. The “BarBox” serves as the centerpiece to Aspen Grove’s brand new beer garden and is run by Breckenridge Brewery. With three service windows, a 10-tap draft system, and a walk-in cooler that can hold upwards of 20 kegs, the BarBox will be cranking out drinks all year long to beer garden guests!

Carowinds Amusement Park 20’ BillyBoxes

We designed & built two 20’ mobile BillyBoxes for Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Carowinds, the premier entertainment and thrill ride amusement park in the Carolinas, will be using the BillyBoxes to serve beverages to eager guests all year long. These high revenue-generating units can be moved throughout the park and were delivered quickly due to their mobile building classification. These BillyBoxes are fully compliant, full-service shipping container bars with built-in walk-in coolers. The units have all of the necessary equipment to meet health code and serve all beverages (beer, cocktails, wine, seltzers, sodas, etc).

Rail Haus Beer Garden BeerCan Heavy

We designed & built a 20′ BeerCan Heavy for Rail Haus Beer Garden in downtown Dover, Delaware. With one of our favorite paint jobs and vinyl wrappings to date, this unit highlights how you can customize our models to truly mak the box your own. This bright, badass BeerCan will be the centerpiece of the outdoor patio at this brand-new beer garden opening in 2023!

The Dive Inn Beer Garden

The Dive Inn is a popular dive bar in Denver, Colorado and recently opened up a brand new beer garden. The Dive Inn utilized shipping containers to transform a parking lot outside their bar into a mini “container park”, which has since become one of Denver’s most popular beer gardens.

The beer garden consists of four mobile classified units: a customized 20′ BillyBox, a custom 20′ mixed-use container (currently being used for seating, but it is also used as a stage, dj booth, and winter storage), and (1) 20’ and (1) 40′ storage containers that double as the beer garden walls, additional storage, and sound barriers. ROXBOX designed, built, and delivered the 20’ BillyBox and 20’ mixed-use container to create a vibrant and revenue-generating beer garden in lieu of their underutilized parking lot. This project showcases how shipping containers can transform any space, big or small, into an exciting new container park development quickly and cost-effectively.

Oakland Hills Golf Course BillyBox

Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is one of the most storied and famous locations in the golf world. Unfortunately a devastating fire tore through the country club last winter, destroying the entire clubhouse and all amenities nearby. While the club decided to continue operations throughout the year, the fire destroyed all of their food & beverage operations and they were unable to serve their guests. The club therefore reached out to ROXBOX and we were able to deliver them a 20’ BillyBox in a very fast timeline. The bar is being used y