ROXBOX Containers is excited to introduce RxBX, our line of shipping container cannabis solutions.

ROXBOX has developed numerous products to help the cannabis industry. For a lower capital investment, ROXBOX’s line of shipping container cannabis dispensaries solutions allows the cannabis industry to grow and evolve. Customers will be able to choose from our RxBX product line, or design a fully custom solution to integrate into their specific business model. These containerized solutions are considered a piece of equipment, and can therefore be depreciated as such.

The RxBX line provides a fast, cost-effective, socially equitable, sustainable, modular, and innovative line of modified container solutions to fulfill the emerging cannabis opportunities across the country. These turn-key and compliant modular shipping container structures allow cannabis firms the opportunity to capitalize quickly and carve out market share. ROXBOX will also be delivering cannabis research modules to help scientists continue studying the cannabis plant and its efficacy.

Below is an overview of the RxBX line offered by ROXBOX:

  • Dispensaries
  • Drive-Thrus
  • Cannabis Consumption Lounges
  • Cannabis Bars
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Cannabis Delivery & Pick-Up
  • Cannabis Extraction
  • Cannabis Vertical Farming
  • Offices
  • Secure Entry-Ways
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Cannabis Processing
  • Cannabis Cold-Storage
  • Cannabis Secure Storage
  • Cannabis Distribution
  • Cannabis Research
  • Ghost Dispensaries
  • Solar Power
ROXBOX Containers launches RxBX, a line of custom cannabis shipping containers, including dispensaries, consumption lounges, research, cannabis, and more. Here is an inside view of a shipping container ghost dispensary.

The ROXBOX team includes cannabis industry veterans that have experience going back over two decades. Team member accomplishments include: winning the first temporary cannabis consumption license in the country in 2019, launching a successful cannabis hardware product, and helping to launch one of the first cannabis-centric publications in 2009.

With the exciting news that Denver is accepting applications for cannabis bar permits in July 2021 (as well as cannabis delivery), now is the best time to invest in this exciting, new opportunity. Along with Colorado, we continue to see progression in the cannabis consumption, cannabis delivery, and cannabis research sectors of the marijuana industry. The ROXBOX team’s experience procuring cannabis consumption licenses, combined with the compliant, sustainably-built, and turn-key RxBX modified containers, gives customers the expertise and solutions to easily enter this nascent opportunity. Additionally, given the low-cost and small footprint of the RxBX line, especially dispensaries, RxBX is a solution in the cannabis social equity conversation by lowering the build-out cost and barrier to entry while solving the ever-present issue of zoning and set-backs.

“It’s an exciting time for both the modular construction and cannabis industries. As legislation continues to be passed easing restrictions in both industries and we continue to see rapid growth in both spaces, we could not be more excited to partner with brands and businesses on RxBX projects.”
Anthony Halsch, ROXBOX CEO

The RxBX line addresses 4 massive issues in the cannabis industry:

  • Zoning and set-back regulations
  • Sustainability
  • Social equity
  • Legal spaces to conduct research

With cannabis consumption, cannabis bars, and cannabis delivery seen as the next big opportunity in the cannabis industry, the RxBX line provides proven compliant containerized solutions that allows everyone from first-time license holders to large multi-state operators the opportunity to expand their businesses. Given the low-cost, the ROI on each model is achieved in a matter of months and the opportunity that the RxBX line provides is compelling. Given the malleable nature of the designs and portability, the RxBX line can conform to any State’s strict marijuana licensing regulations. With members of the RxBX team pioneering the social consumption pathway by winning the first temporary social consumption license in Colorado in 2019, we have the expertise to ensure turn-key compliance.

ROXBOX will be delivering the first RxBX unit – a container dispensary with drive-thru capabilities (a.k.a.. a “ghost dispensary”) in May 2021, and has plans for additional projects throughout 2021 and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about RxBX or are interested in receiving a quote for anything from a shipping container café, cannabis dispensary, or anything else, please reach out to our team by phone (303-997-8875) or submit an inquiry on our website.