2021 was a truly transformative year for ROXBOX. We quadrupled the size of our team, moved from a 5,000 sq. ft. facility to our 35,000 sq. ft. home in Denver, greatly expanded our product offerings (including, but limited to, Experiential Marketing, Kitchen, Bar & Taproom, Quick Service Restaurant, HELIOS Solar, Last Mile Delivery, Crypto Mining, Healthcare, Cannabis, Office, Safety & Rescue Training, and Patio), and completed numerous projects for amazing clients. In recognition of the incredible year we had, we wanted to showcase ten projects we completed in 2021 that epitomize the ROXBOX design + build methodology.
ROXBOX Containers Custom Shipping Container & Modular Solutions
ROXBOX headquarters in Denver, Colorado

Experiential Marketing - Nokian Tyres Experiential Marketing Activation

The Nokian Tyres North American Marketing team approached ROXBOX with the vision of using a shipping container to take their experiential marketing to the next level and highlight their focus on sustainability. The mobile 20′ unit will be touring with the Nokian Tyres team from event to trade show showcasing their world-class tires and flexing all over pop-up tents coast-to-coast. First stop for the activation was Killington Ski Resort in early December 2021 and next stop is Copper Mountain in Colorado in February 2022!

Specs & Modifications

  • 20’ Standard one-trip shipping container
  • Rooftop deck w/ collapsible railings
  • Push-button fold-down side and end-cap decks w/ detachable railings
  • Electrical, lights, TV, heaters, and fans
  • Credenza and flooring
  • Two-tone paint job
  • Custom signage & branding
  • Cladding to match their U.S. Headquarters
  • Custom trailer w/ a custom skirt
  • Stairs for side decks and rooftop deck
  • A true transformer – folds up for transport and opens up when deployed at any location

Bar & Taproom - Left Hand Brewing Company 40' BeerCan

Left Handing Brewing Company is one of the most iconic craft breweries in the country (and happens to be 40 minutes down the road from our ROXBOX headquarters), so we could not have been more excited when their team approached us about creating a custom shipping container bar concept for their new beer garden. From the get go, Left Hand knew what they wanted, an eye-catching, durable centerpiece to their new space that could serve their famous craft beers and beverages all year long. Enter Big Red, a 40 foot shipping container bar (aka the “BeerCan”) with all of the functionality and equipment of a full taproom.

:eft Hand Brewing Company custom shipping container bar built by ROXBOX Containers.

Specs & Modifications

  • 40’ High-Cube one-trip shipping container
  • Walk-in cooler that holds 20+ kegs
  • Custom pipe tap system w/ 6 taps
  • Electrical & lights
  • Left Hand light-up signage & interior and exterior paint
  • Three customer windows with awnings (One ADA compliant)
  • Custom back bar equipment and cabinets
  • Numerous other custom details

Patio - Price Development Group PatioBox

Our custom container patio bar for Price Development Group (PDG) was an exciting and unique project for our team and showcased the possibilities for a container amenity at a residential or commercial development. PDG approached our team to help create a functional, durable and eye-catching patio bar for the open-air beer garden at their new apartment complex development in downtown Denver. Enter this “rusted” beauty, an open-air 20’ container bar that fits perfectly into the modern, industrial aesthetic of the complex and serves as a focal point to the entire development. By far our most exciting delivery, this unit was craned over 10 stories up and over the complex in order to place it on the 4th floor of the outdoor beer garden.

Price Development Group custom shipping container patio bar built by ROXBOX Containers.

Specs & Modifications

  • 20′ one-trip, double-door shipping container
  • Electric, lighting & plumbing
  • Kegerator with a two-tap system
  • Hand sink and mini-fridge
  • Mounted TV
  • Custom rusted finish
  • Custom granite countertops and subway tile
  • Double-sided bar awning
  • Fully ADA compliant

HELIOS Solar - 20' Off-Grid Refrigerator

HELIOS is our line of off-grid, solar infrastructure containers. Our HELIOS units enable us to provide rapidly deployable solutions addressing issues in energy, refrigeration, medical storage and cold-chain. Our products offer a reliable replacement for diesel generators & diesel reefer containers, therefore reducing emissions and allowing individuals, businesses and communities to save significantly on operating and fuel costs. With HELIOS, our goal is to improve the circumstances of individuals, communities and organizations through the development of solar-powered refrigeration and energy technologies which can be rapidly deployed in remote, off-grid and urban environments.

Below is our HELIOS 20’ refrigeration unit. Our HELIOS Solar shipping container line now includes solar powered, 100% off-grid refrigerators, freezers, ice makers and generators.

Specs & Modifications (20' HELIOS Refrigerator)

  • 20’ High-cube custom one-trip shipping container
  • 100% solar-powered refrigerator
  • Deploying solar arrays
  • Remote monitoring & controls (IOT unit with on-board Wi-Fi connectivity)
  • Battery bank (can run up to 5 days on a single charge without sun)
  • Cooler Temp: 35°F to 38°F
  • 800 cubic feet of cooler space

Safety & Rescue Training - LiUNA Confined Space Training Unit

The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) is an American and Canadian labor union. LiUNA’s Local 837 chapter out of Ontario, Canada, approached our team in early 2021 with the vision of building a mobile confined space training unit out of a shipping container after seeing a similar training unit we built for Sendrex Safety & Rescue. Their vision was to create a unit that they could use to safely train their members in a controlled environment, and that is exactly what we delivered. The unit gives trainers the ability to monitor the trainees via night vision cameras and an exterior mounted monitoring station. With this unit, LiUNA can simulate a confined space and practice rescue operations, best practices, and truly emulate a dangerous environment. The railings, ladder, and deck are designed to be weight-bearing so LiUNA can attach pulleys and different lifting systems throughout the unit, easily allowing them to practice different rescue techniques. LiUNA was thrilled with the final product and we are proud to help our North American union workers stay safe on the job.

ROXBOX Containers Confined Space Simulator Shipping Container

Specs & Modifications

  • 20’High-cube one-trip shipping container
  • Rooftop deck w/ grating
  • Detachable powder-coated railings
  • Safety ladder
  • Night vision cameras and monitoring station
  • Lights
  • Escape hatches
  • Interior blackout paint
  • Exterior LIUNA orange paint

Crypto Mining - The CryptoCan

The CryptoCan is our crypto & bitcoin mining shipping container built from a standard 40’HC container. The CryptoCan is a 2MW UL-certified, high-performance container changing the game in the crypto mining industry. The container can house 560 S9 ASIC Miners or 1,120 S17/S19 ASIC Miners (the miners are not included with the purchase of a CryptoCan). The CryptoCan is an extremely popular model and there are currently two a day coming off the production line. These units are designed for serious crypto mining operations utilizing a high-quality unit designed with maximum efficiencies. The CryptoCan’s mobility and scalability offer a unique solution to anyone looking to increase their mining capacity.

Crypto mining shipping container for BitCoin and Ethereum mining.

Specs & Modifications

  • 40’High-cube one-trip shipping container
  • Proprietary cooling and racking system
  • Integrated switchgear
  • All cabling
  • Lights & electrical

Last Mile Delivery - Grocery Vessel

As ghost kitchens, last-mile delivery, and similar solutions boomed in popularity during 2021, ROXBOX was able to help our clients design, build, and deploy solutions in the rapidly growing space. Our expertise and wisdom in the modular and mobile vessel space gave our clients the insight and competitive advantage to deploy innovative solutions. For this grocery vessel, we worked with one of our biggest clients to design and build a vessel that is focused on last-mile grocery delivery. When deployed, these units allow our client to service customers in urban communities and deliver their groceries within minutes.

ROXBOX Containers Last Mile Delivery Shipping Container

Specs & Modifications

  • 20’ Standard one-trip shipping container
  • Built-out interior w/ insulation, framing, finished walls
  • Lights & electrical
  • On-board plumbing system with tanks
  • All interior equipment
  • Multiple doors
  • Exterior paint

Bar & Taproom - Blue Onyx BillyBox

The Blue Onyx BillyBox was a truly special project for the ROXBOX family. On April 2nd, 2021, ROXBOX lost a member of the team to a tragic motorcycle accident – “Wild Bill” Thompson. Billy was a self-made man who embodied the ROXBOX mentality of hard work and quality craftsmanship. Billy, a lead welder and fabricator, was a friend to all in the ROXBOX shop and showed up every day ready to work. In his honor, the ROXBOX team developed the “BillyBox”. The BillyBox is Billy – a badass container bar that has a built-in walk-in cooler for kegs and all of the equipment required per code for a full-service bar.

The BillyBox shown below was the first BillyBox ever built and we were so excited to see the first unit come to fruition in honor of our brother. The BillyBox was designed and built for Blue Onyx Management and is headed to Paterson Beach in Paterson, New Jersey, a beer garden and gathering space opening in Spring 2022!

Specs & Modifications

  • 7’ Walk-in Cooler w/ diamond plate floor, Trusscore walls, refrigeration system, electrical and lights
  • 8 Tap direct-draw beer system
  • Reclaimed wood tap wall
  • [2] Service windows with fold-down awnings
• Interior and exterior stainless steel bar tops & [1] ADA compliant exterior service counter
  • [1] Steel door

  • Epoxy floor
  • Mobile plumbing system with fresh and grey water tanks + hot water heater
  • Electrical & lights
  • Equipment for full-service bar including triple-sink, hand-sink, dump sink, liquor wells, ice-machine, merchandiser refrigerator, and shelving
  • Exterior & interior paint
  • Custom exterior signage and branding

Cannabis - Tycoon Culture Ghost Dispensary

We launched RxBX in 2021, our line of cannabis containers. These containerized solutions are considered a piece of equipment, and can therefore be depreciated as such. For a lower capital investment, ROXBOX’s line of cannabis products allows the cannabis industry to grow and evolve.
The RxBX line provides a fast, cost-effective, socially equitable, sustainable, modular, and innovative line of modified container solutions to fulfill the emerging cannabis opportunities in the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. These turn-key and compliant modular shipping container structures allow cannabis firms the opportunity to capitalize quickly and carve out market share. ROXBOX also delivers cannabis research modules to help scientists continue studying the cannabis plant and its effects.

Below is an RxBX 20’ ghost dispensary we built for Tycoon Culture in Oklahoma.

ROXBOX Containers RxBX ghost dispensary, the world's first ghost dispensary changing the game in the cannabis industry.

Specs & Modifications

  • 20′ one-trip container
  • Drive-thru & walk-in capabilities
  • Secure customer and employee entrances
  • ADA compliant purchasing room & customer ramp
  • Drive-thru & walk-in service windows
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Central heating & cooling
  • Employee bathroom
  • Customizable storage & shelving space

Patio - Odell Brewing Company & The Block Distillery PatioBoxes

Our PatioBox line was created in response to the pandemic to help restaurants and bars in our community continue to serve their customers with an innovative, durable, compliant, safe, and cost-effective outdoor dining solution. We worked hand-in-hand with the City of Denver to develop a compliant space that would withstand Colorado winters. Below we showcase the PatioBoxes we built at cost for Odell Brewing Company and The Block Distillery in the RiNo Art District of Denver, Colorado. What made these two boxes particularly special was not only the opportunity to help out two local businesses stay open and profitable during the pandemic, but we also teamed up with the RiNo Art District to bring in four local Denver artists to paint custom murals on each side. Each artist was given a blank canvas to showcase their unique style and aesthetic. The eye-catching containers have since become a centerpiece on the crowded RiNo Art District streets and popular backdrops for photos!

ROXBOX Containers shipping container patio built for Odell Brewing Co. in the RiNo Art District of Denver, Colorado.

Specs & Modifications

  • (2) 40’High-cube one-trip shipping containers
  • Center of units cut-out, units combined and reinforced to create a larger space
  • Electrical & lights
  • Windows and door
  • Temporary outdoor dining space compliant

While 2021 was an incredible year for ROXBOX, this is just the beginning for this team. We have tons of exciting projects and initiatives in the works that we can’t wait to share with everyone in 2022 and beyond!

If you are interested to learn more about our shipping container projects or have any questions for our team, click here to contact us.